407ETR MATTERS: The Premier wants policy ideas – change the 407 act!


By Tammy Flores
October 23rd, 2013 Edition

About a month ago, Premier Kathleen Wynne launched a website called Common Ground. She encouraged people to put in suggestions on ideas they had for a better Ontario. Out of 1,340 ideas, changing the 407 Act is at #42. If you would like to change the 407 Act, and bring fairness and transparency back to consumers and reign in spirialling tolls, please visit the Premier’s website here http://tinyurl.com/change-the-407act and vote up this idea.

Grievances against 407ETR include spiraling tolls, invoice suppression, undocumented invoicing, interfering with 407Act, keeping bankrupts in plate denial, ignoring the Statute of Limitations, improper billing, double billing, equipment failure, paying the bill and not getting credited, usury rates of interest, ect… Unsuspecting citizens receive a bill for undocumented amounts of money. In some cases the amounts are for thousands and thousands of dollars and has caused undue hardship to many.

We can not continue to turn a blind eye to this company’s disrespect for Canadian public policy. The government must get out of this company’s business all together and stop acting as their personal collection agency. We must level the playing field for consumers.

Together we can change the 407 Act, but it starts with you.


  1. This ‘conglomerate’ is so past out of line, they are the product of our creation–apathy–and nebulous hoodwinking. Further to this, the average citizen wouldn’t even be able to get away with enen a minuscle fraction of what this fraudulent corporation is getting away with. To say this is a slippery precedent it potentially has sneakily set is an understatement. They make Nicholo Machievelli look morally ethical and altruistic. This vicious monster, 407ETR’s blantant drunken disrespect and blantant bold megalomania, needs to be held accountable in so many ways, they’ve forfeited their chance for any credibility. People, (and MTO), grow a pair and take back our power. And make uninterested apathy interested, regardless of whether it NotInMyBackyard.


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