4th Annual Hob Nob Boat Cruise Contributes to Positive Change



On September 2nd, Kazembe and Associates hosted their 4th annual Hob Nob Boat Cruise event., through Lake Ontario.

Guests began boarding the luxurious boat at 9 p.m. at Yankee Lady IV, located at 539 Queens Quay West in Toronto. The four-hour cruise included tons of entertainment, live music by Vibe 105.5’s DJ Fynntastic, and complimentary hors d’oeuvres made by Red Snapper Cafe. The cruise also gave guests a chance to network and exchange business cards with other professionals.

The Hob Nob Boat Cruise first started in 2014, with a focus on raising funds to provide scholarships for law and medical students the Caribbean and Canadian community. “We want to teach young black kids that help is accessible,” says Courtney Kazembe. Over twenty years ago, Kazembe founded Kazembe & Associates, which provides legal advice and representation in family law, real estate law, civil litigation, corporate law, criminal law, and immigration law. Kazembe is an expert in multi-jurisdictional law, human rights law, insurance law, and Caribbean law.

The Kazembe Foundation was created by Kazembe to help contribute to the growth of other young individuals within the community, by providing opportunities that will push them to have a bigger positive influence in the world.

In 2006, Kazembe also founded the Global Institute for Freedom, Transformation, and Enlightenment (GIFTE). Currently, GIFTE is focused on personal and corporate transformation education. GIFTE offers informational workshops and seminars that allow people to expand their personal strengths to lead them towards their goals.

Also, a division of the Kazembe Foundation is “The Mentor’s Circle”; a mentoring program focused on helping individuals identify their goals, provide effective strategies, and develop their career.

With the various different educational and empowering opportunities that the Kazembe Foundation provides, Kazembe says he hopes to positively transform the community one student at a time.

More information about Kazembe & Associates and The Kazembe Foundation can be found at www.kazembelaw.com and www.kazembefoundation.com.


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