5 Types of Yoga Endorsed By Hollywood’s Elite

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Adopting the different training tenets of yoga can lead to multiple benefits that can make your body stronger and your mind sharper. This is why Hollywood celebrities have tapped into this form of exercising as they balance the hassles of their high-pressured jobs with a consistently gruelling work schedule. Furthermore, apart from being a low-impact exercise that can help the body relax, Toronto Caribbean underscores that yoga can help ward off strains and pains, even as chronic as arthritis. In the health-conscious Hollywood film and music industry, the benefits of yoga fit the actors’ needs and lifestyles.

Here are five of Hollywood’s elite who use yoga as part of their workout regime.


Pop icon Madonna appears to have slowed down the ageing process. India Today reported that the 59-year old American singer-songwriter-actress’ brand of yoga is Ashtanga which features dynamic movements and transitions. The yoga encourages practitioners to have a great sense of calm and control. Clearly, Madonna has mastered it and that’s why she is in the best shape of her life.


From being a part of television ensemble comedy Parks and Recreations to starring in blockbuster superhero film series Guardians of the Galaxy, the demand for Pratt has increased with each project and it seems he doesn’t disappoint.

Of course, Pratt puts in the work for every role by keeping fit via CrossFit workouts and Tabatta high-intensity-interval training. Men’s Fitness reports that Pratt stays flexible by practicing Vinyasa hot yoga on a regular basis. This helped his body recover from the tough gym sessions required to be a superhero and leading man.

Next he headlines the cast of 2018 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom the sequel to the billion dollar hit Jurassic World. It popularity is recognised worldwide even across entertainment platforms. The online gaming scene has embraced the influence of the dinosaur film series in the slot game Jurassic World from digital platform Slingo. It is a testament to Pratt’s rising star that his character is featured front and centre of the game’s display alongside the famous dinosaurs. It is due to his hard work in the gym and on the yoga mat that he has managed to transform from a rom-com actor to starring as the lead in a popular movie franchise and its related media content.


Being a film actor, a judge on a hit reality music competition show, or a lead singer for a famous band would each have a toll on the body. Adam Levine would know as he does all three and more. To thoroughly iron out the kinks from his system, Yogadork emphasises that Levine mixes at least five branches of yoga into a workout. This includes Jivamukti, which is yoga that combines music with movement. The perfect yoga for a music artist.


Megastar Jennifer Aniston has been a devout yoga practitioner for many years. Her avenue for de-stressing and making her body ever flexible is through Bikram. Fitness Magazine takes note that some of Aniston’s go-to positions are sun salutations and balancing poses. Aniston has even redefined her approach to yoga—incorporating them together with other exercises. People Magazine says that for her morning routine the 48-year old American television and film actress does 30 minutes of spinning and then immediately proceeds to 40 minutes of yoga.


American actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba leads a pretty busy life. Aside from balancing the life that comes with being a celebrity, she also manages The Honest Company, a consumer good company that specialises in non-toxic household products. Needless to say, she goes to yoga to relieve some stress. LA Times highlights that Alba focuses on sculpt yoga which incorporates weights into traditional yoga poses.


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