Amazing Adventures In Our Own Backyard

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Once school is out for the March Break we generally start to think about what we’re going to do to keep the kids occupied. One of the first things that comes to mind is that we should be going on vacation and that we should have planned it months ago. You can definitely try searching for last minute deals but my biggest advice for travel during March Break is to plan ahead. I’ve seen far too many clients disappointed or feel like they’ve overpaid on a vacation during this time. If you’ve realized that a trip to the airport isn’t the most ideal and you still need to create an adventure for your family, why not look in your own backyard. Ontario has a variety of gems for you and your family to explore and there’s often more than just passports, travel insurance, itineraries that need to be planned. The best part is all you’ve got to do is load up your car.

Here are some tips and locations where you can create your family adventures:

Blue Mountain – They offer year round activities especially at March break. You can enjoy family fun with skiing, snowboarding, off hill action, outdoor pool and live entertainment. Visit for further details.

Horseshoe Resort – Stay overnight or plan a trip for the day. They offer action packed activities that the whole family can enjoy. Enjoy winter outdoor activities, the spa, sunrise yoga, moonlight skiing and fitness activities. They are even offering a spending credit for dining and activities during March Break. Visit for details.

Jungle Cat World – Plan a trip to experience wild species from around the world in an up close and personal setting. Many of these animals have been threatened with extinction and here you have an opportunity to learn about them from the experts. You can visit for a day, a night or stay awhile. Do call ahead as they will be open during the break weather permitting.  Visit for further details

The Wave Pool – Enjoy family play in the water even though you didn’t make it to a Caribbean destination. Visit the Richmond Hill Wave Pool to play in the waves, lounge on the water mats, enjoy the swirl pools warm water, enjoy the 160 ft. waterslide and even relax in the sauna. Visit for further details

Bingemans Grand Experiences – Enjoy a large indoor family playground with arcades which feature the most recent games on the market, state of the art bowling and even paintball. They specifically offering a March Break Carnival where you can enjoy inflatables, rides and exciting activities. Visit for further details.

Pack a travel health kit that can help with the minor bumps, scrapes and mishaps that are bound to happen. Be sure to have your own age and weight-appropriate car or booster seats for your little ones, but most importantly pack an open mind.
Any travel with the family is all about spending time with those who matter the most. It’s all about having amazing experiences and creating lasting memories together. As a Lifestyle Travel Advisor it is my pleasure to serve you with useful tips that will help you have unforgettable experiences. I help my clients develop itineraries that cater to groups and individuals which will have everyone walking away with some type of transformation.  


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