Annual Hob Nob Boat Cruise Continues To Support Aspiring Students

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Kazembe & Associates will host the 3rd Annual Hob Nob Boat Cruise Sept. 9th on the waters of Lake Ontario, giving guests a beautiful city-wide view of Toronto.

At 7 p.m. the guests will begin boarding the Yankee Lady IV cruise ship at 539 Queens Quay Street West, a fifteen-minute walk from Harbourfront Centre. Throughout approximately four hours of networking, there will be entertainment including music playlists from DJ Fynntastic and a live performance from hip-hop soul artist Karen Jewels, both Toronto-based. African-inspired Toronto fashion designer Beni Boo Styles will hold a fashion show as well, while an estimated three hundred guests will network and enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres by award winning chef Rob Thomas. The ship will begin disembarking at 11:30 p.m. Host of the cruise will be Laying Important Foundations Together (L.I.F.T.) founder and motivational speaker Sean Mauricette. Thirteen and over is the recommended age as guests are encouraged to bring their own alcoholic beverages.

Beginning in 2014, the Hob Nob Boat Cruise has raised funds in order to provide scholarships primarily for medical and law students in the Canadian and Caribbean community.  “We’ve been giving scholarships to people for over a decade”, said Kazembe. Kazembe & Associates managing partner Courtney Kazembe says the theme for the cruise will be a celebration of life. “It’s just a way to give back,” Kazembe said in reference to the cruise. “When I was a law student there was a time when I was in need. Most of the time I applied, [approx. thirty years ago] I didn’t get anything. I remember there was one time I got one and it was a big help for me”.

Founded by Kazembe, more than twenty years ago, Kazembe & Associates has provided legal advice and representation in family law, real estate, estate law, civil litigation, corporate law, criminal law and immigration law at a reasonable cost. Kazembe also has expertise in human rights law, insurance law, Caribbean law and multi-jurisdictional law.

University of the West Indies student Ashley Scott will begin his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and has the funds raised from the Kazembe Foundation to thank for contributing to his tuition. The Kazembe Foundation was created in order to contribute to the professional elevation and positive growth of individuals in their communities to encourage their self-confidence while providing opportunities that will empower them to embrace a greater role within the community.

Campbell said, “This scholarship has put me one step closer to my long time goal of becoming an Attorney-at-Law. I am very grateful to this Foundation because without them it would not have been possible for me.”

“For many years I didn’t get any scholarships when I started law school… You had to be extraordinary.”

Kazembe also founded The Global Institute for Freedom, Transformation and Enlightenment (GIFTE) in 2006. They are a world leader in personal and corporate transformation education, offering seminars and programs that allow development in personal talents to create a life and career that works towards their lifetimes goals.

The third faction of the Kazembe Foundation is “The Mentor’s Circle” mentoring program, which focuses on improving character value identification, goal setting, career goals and strategic planning.

Even with all of the self-improvement opportunities the Kazembe Foundation offers, Kazembe himself says that is still not enough. Kazembe said the greater goal is for transformation in the community. “We have a lot of young people who we are trying to get out of a negative space…we have courses to create a consciousness in the young people that move them into a powerful position where they can make a positive impact on themselves and their community”.

Tickets can be purchased at the Kazembe & Associates law office as well as an online at Eventbrite for $50. An electronic money transfer can also be used to purchase tickets by emailing using password hobnob.


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