Battle of the Eyeliner! Which One Are You?

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This beauty trend has been a staple for women since the beginning of ancient times when the women of ancient Egypt were crushing coal and painting their eyelids black, known today as eyeliner. Thanks to Cleopatra and her exquisite beauty rituals women across the world can enjoy the delights of being a goddess as eyeliner does the trick.

There are a wide range of eyeliners on the market today from pencil, liquid to gel and powder with various ways to use each one. The most popular method is the pencil and probably the most beginner friendly. Easy to apply and great for top and bottom liner, you want to be sure that the pencil is sharpened to a complete point. As this is a popular product, there are many of these on the market. I like the easy glide pencils that are creamier texture than the hard basic pencils, Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner, $8.99.  Softer pencils are better because of less tugging on the eye as this is the most sensitive area on the face and prone to wrinkles more than anywhere else on the body.

Then we have the liquid liner that is just as popular as the pencil but with a more intense finish. Now liquid liner comes in various applications and is still one of the easiest methods with it’s pointed sponge or felt tip applicator, it is more flexible and glides on easier for extended wing. When storing your liquid liner be sure the cap is placed downwards to avoid drying of the tip. Liquid liners also come in a potted applicator meaning, the product is stored separate from the applicator, like a fountain pen style. This method can be messy while more product is lifted as you dip the applicator in the pot and mostly always provides an intense glossy finish, L’Oréal Paris Infallible Black Velvet Liner, $11.99 and (MUA fav) NYC Liquid Eyeliner, $2.99. When using liquid liners, it may bleed when in contact with the eye, so to avoid this especially for our teary eyed girls, place a fair amount of primer followed by transparent or pigmented powder to the inner corner of eyes to avoid creasing and smudging.

Lastly Gel liners have become all the rage within the past few years. Less mess, intensified pigment and a matte finish that come in a squeezable tube or jar. This gel liner method is typically used with an angled brush, much like the liquid liner but a thicker consistency and probably this least easy, based on accessibility. The brush and jar are stored separately, which can be a hassle if strapped for time. However, this method is widely preferred amongst the industry because of its extreme black matte finish gives the eyes intense look to die for, Inglot Gel Liner $22.99 and Tarte Eyeliner $27.99.

So there you have it, the battle of the eyeliner! One tip to combating this war and achieving sharp even wings every time, is applying tape to the outer corner of the eye creating a stencil to guide you to a wing so sharp you could slice bread. So now that you got eyeliner basics, lets gear up for battle, which one are you?


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