BUSINESS: 3 ways to follow-up and build successful business relationships


By Jim Pagiamtzis
October 23rd, 2013 Edition

Getting connected in the 21st Century requires a plan to succeed from networking to following up with people you have met at various events. Below are three effective ways to reach new contacts in your network and create long term and successful relationships.

Email: This is the simplest way to follow-up. You can do so many things with this, from attaching a photo, e-book or anything you promised during your conversation when you first met. This shows you have integrity and impeccable memory! (you made notes on the back of the card).

You can also ask them if they enjoyed the event and what they liked or disliked. You may have a service that they are interested in. This also gives you the opportunity for some closure; either to set up a phone call to discuss specific details or a time to meet.

It’s all about being prepared and having a script (if needed) to converse and potentially close the circle.

Phone call: Picking up the phone and calling a contact within a 48-72hr time frame is very important. So why don’t we do it? Does the phone weigh 800lbs! The act of following up by phone is important for so many reasons. Let’s explore a few.

When you sent an e-mail you mentioned that you would like to call at a certain day or time. Here is where you have the ability to close the loop; i.e.: discuss business or you had promised some information on an upcoming event.

Send a Card by Mail: Appreciation marketing has been used by networkers for many years and is a strategy that is shared by Ivan Misner Founder of BNI International in his book Networking Like A Pro. He states how sending a card is a strong strategy to use. You position yourself as a resource and a key connection in their network.

Sending a card by mail will make you stand out from the rest of your network! You can send a personalized card with pictures, gifts and any links that they may be interested in.

At the end of the day you can implement these strategies to create successful business relationships.

Go out there and get connected in the 21st Century!


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