BUSINESS: Blogging Can Make You Stand out From the Crowd


By Jim Pagiamtzis
October 9th, 2013 Edition

In today’s competitive environment there are tools that you can use to enhance your expertise and brand to separate yourself from the crowd. Blogging is a treasure in the social media world that has been used by thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs to not only educate but make money with it!

Below are three areas that you can focus on to assist you with using social networking

We are all experts at something, whether it’s in the professional realm or perhaps a hobby. You can share this in your blog through social networking. In conversations that you have with your friends see if they have any information that you may share. Here are some ideas: You have an interest in books or attend events. Write about your experience. Perhaps you have an interesting lifestyle. My friend Patrick Bizindavyi shares his life in the

Building your own personal brand is important even if you don’t have a business. The ability to share your insights on who you are and what you do is important. It could be an interest in event planning to hobby that you could turn into a business.

The opportunity to share this with your network is very powerful, from Twitter, LinkedIn (groups). Choose the social media that will be the most effective. Your networks will comment, share and like your material. Feedback that you receive will give you insight on what people think about your expertise.

You can evaluate which media is the most effective one to use and build a community. Participating in digital conversation is an important way to learn about opportunities in various industries.

The ability share your experience and build own social platform is a powerful way to stand out from others in the digital atmosphere.


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