BUSINESS: Why aren’t you using video to promote your business?


By Tina Dietz
November 20th, 2013 Edition

Can you imagine having more than 16 MILLION hits on YouTube? How about more than 32 THOUSAND subscribers? Well that’s exactly what my guest expert Ryan Hoyme has-and counting! Ryan is known as the “Massage Nerd,” and he started using video to help his massage students catch up on work they missed when they were absent from class. His website, is the largest massage website in the world and his monthly interview show draws guests and watchers from all over the globe. I can’t wait for Ryan’s guest expert teleclass on using YouTube to promote your business with video in the Profitable Promotions with Voice & Video Program that starts THIS week. In the meantime…here’s Ryan!

Right now YouTube is the 3rd largest website for traffic and the average user spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube. Only Google and Facebook are ahead of YouTube and Google owns YouTube. More than likely you are on Facebook (like everybody else) and if you have a website, then you are on Google. Just imagine a client is searching for a massage on Google and your business pops up with one of your videos you shot. Do you think the potential client will click the url’s or watch a video? Well, most will want to watch a video and you already grabbed their attention over your competition. In my mind and most everyone else’s, YouTube is one of the most powerful forms of advertising (and cheapest) and it’s your turn to get on this bandwagon. It’s a lot simpler than you think and I’ll give you some ideas to get started.

1. Get a decent camera that shoots video, or even use your smartphone to start with, or you can even record a video with your webcam and upload it to YouTube that way too.

2. Use windows Media Maker to edit your videos or iMovie if you use a Mac (both come standard with your computers).

3. Make videos for each page of your website: Home Page (introduce yourself), About Us Page (explain a little bit about how you got into massage and things you have learned), Services Page (explain about what each style you offer and explain the benefits of them), Contact Us Page (explain about how to find your page) and specials page (explain about what specials you offer).

You will get people from all over seeing your videos, but your goal is to have people that live around you to view them. Tags (keywords) are still important in videos, because that is how people find your videos. Having the city, town, state, your business name, your name and styles you offer is beneficial. Even having a long description in the description section will help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Another thing that is important is the title of your video and you should add as much information in there as possible.

The fear of being on video is on most people’s minds and there are ways around it. You can have a friend that is comfortable on camera to talk about you business or even do a voice-over and add pictures to that. Having video testimonials is very important for businesses, so the next time one of you clients say to you that was the best massage ever, ask them if they would like to do a quick 30 second video explaining how they feel. The next time your business is slow, start writing some ideas down for some videos and you will be a star in your clients’ eyes!


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