Carib101 redefines Internet Radio with NO Boundaries



Radio technology has been around for many years, utilizing radio waves to carry information like sounds by strategically harnessing some property of electromagnetic energy waves transmitted through space.

Established in 2007 under the name Bounce FM and then introduced as Carib101 Radio in 2010, this Internet radio station has been around for quite some time, with listeners that tune in to get their fix of Soca, Reggae and Dancehall vibes.

Just last week, Carib101 re-branded and re-launched the radio station installing a new and direct slogan ‘radio without boundaries.’ The new slogan was established under the belief that there should be a lot more transparency when it comes to Internet radio. Carib101 Radio ‘without boundaries’ is meant to be modern, clean, simple, direct and mainstream. The new Carib101 Radio isn’t about limiting your options, but allowing for a wider range of content to be pushed through the Internet airwaves.

Utilizing this platform, Carib101 has chosen to raise the bar where Internet radio is concerned. Internet is available now almost everywhere, coming as a standard feature in most new vehicles. It offers more ways and more places to listen through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, easily accessible through iTunes, the TuneIn Radio app or directly by logging on to

Carib101 Radio is back and raring to go with a line up of cool new and engaging live shows that include content that is community focused, entertaining, challenging, motivating and informative for listeners no matter where they are from. Carib101 Radio offers something for everyone, with live DJ’s and interviews covering real people and businesses in the GTA, alongside positive news and events in the community. There has been an overwhelming response of expressed interest by individuals hoping to host their own show and has been sanctioned by some great minds and leaders of the Caribbean community in Toronto.

The newly renovated and updated studio features a unique design set up in FM studio format and able to accommodate two guests, a host and a DJ. Carib101 Radio is proud to introduce various new shows including CMJ Live with Charles Matthews Jr. every Thursday and Friday from 11am – 1pm, The Intuitive Goddess Radio Show with the cleansing spiritual aura of Priya Ali from 365 Living Wednesdays from 12pm- 1pm, and Living the Dream – Connecting with Game Changers in the Community with transformational coach and specialist Keisha Johnson Wednesdays from 1pm- 2pm, both beginning on July 13th. Wednesday nights you can still enjoy a live night with DJ Rory Legacy Radio from 10pm-12am with lots of great hits to keep the night moving. Carib101 Radio is fully equipped and ready to roll. Like what you hear? Call in LIVE during any of the live shows at 647-931-4701!

Since the re-launch listenership has increased 65%. They are the only Caribbean Internet Radio station that is fully licenced by SOCAN playing a wide range of music that includes Soca, New Age Soca, EDM, Fuse, Reggae, Dancehall, Urban Flow and Top 40. They play almost everything from old school throwbacks to hot new hits. Carib101 Radio aims to be the largest community based Internet radio station in the Toronto Caribbean diaspora and worldwide. With no limits or boundaries, the possibilities are endless. The main objective of this station is to step away from the social norms and conformity to rules. The laws of FM radio do not govern Internet radio and so it offers free range over the way content is delivered to listeners. Standing on the shoulders of distinguished pillars of the community Carib101 Radio is organized by a team of dedicated likeminded people whose goal is to do whatever it takes to see the community thrive.

While some shows suggest that listener discretion is advised it is important to remember how the unfiltered version of the Internet has come about in recent years and allowed for people to share their raw-uncut and un-filtered opinions about their views on the world, conducting themselves much like they would in the real world, telling it like it is. This cool, new and trendy station is not about limiting options, but broadening your horizons, abolishing thoughts of radio etiquette when conducting yourself on this platform.

If you are interested in hosting a live show on Carib101 Radio, send in your proposals to, or give us a call at 647-722-6298. Help us define ‘radio without boundaries’ and bring in the new age of Internet Radio!


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