Caribbean Culture and Contributions Showcase Draws Crowd

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The Caribbean community here in Toronto is nothing short of eclectic, vibrant and most importantly united! On Saturday February 28, 2016 the Caribbean Women’s Society hosted a Caribbean Culture & Contributions Showcase. DJ Soca Sweetness had everyone entertained as they visited the various vendors inside Centennial Recreation Centre. Hosted by the beautiful and talented Karen Carrington the showcase was designed with the vision of empowering and promoting the Caribbean queens in our community.

As a community it is so very important to pass down our rich culture and history to the next generation, that is the youth. Not only were the children able to experience just a taste of what the Caribbean has to offer they were also able to have some fun! There was a craft table set up as well as face painting booth that was a hit.

Music is one of the many aspects that sets the Caribbean apart from any other region of the world. World renowned Bajan guitarist and recording artist, Roger Gibbs gave an amazing performance that had everyone clapping their hands in time with the music.

“I am always interested in supporting grassroot efforts and community efforts. Just hearing about the organization and its goals and the things it is trying to do I though it was important that I come and support it.” Says Rogers Gibbs. “Music is very important to the Caribbean community. Music is part of your life, it isn’t separated from your life, it is your life. It also serves as a bond in our spirits to get us through a lot of difficult times. Music has been an important part of our people being able to express their sense of power.”

Speaking of power, there is something to be said about the power of a united community. The Caribbean Women’s Society’s main goal is to “connect and empower Caribbean women”, and they do so through offering workshops, seminars, forums and support groups. In order to keep the culture alive and celebrate the accomplishments of Caribbean women it is vital to educate the community as a whole.

Representatives from Scarberian Boxing were also present to give an exciting demonstration. Boxing is a way to encourage self-discipline and boost self- esteem especially amongst the youth of the community. It is not only a way to stay physically fit but also builds on emotional and mental strength. It is a way to channel ones energy in a positive manner while fostering social growth amongst other young people with the same passion.

The Caribbean Women’s Society is continually striving to build the community and promote Caribbean culture here in Canada.  


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