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How clean is your kitchen? Is it a daily catastrophe or easy to operate?
I ask because, every couple of years, I realize that my kitchen reflects my emotional state at all times. I have noticed that when my kitchen is in shambles, I am usually in some sort of distress. But, when my kitchen is tidy, my head is clear. My kitchen is my measuring stick of my emotional well-being.

So why share this? Why share these findings? Well, the answer is this. I’m quite sure that we all experience different variations of the same things. Poppa always says that people need to hear things three times before they will believe it. So, I am sharing with the hopes that this is either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or more times that you have heard this so that you can step outside of the ‘craziness’ in your head and make some definite decisions for your life.

Today, I am writing for and to the person who is certain there is no other way to see it, see the situation. Check your kitchen. If it’s tidy you may be right. If it’s a mess, don’t worry about judging yourself (although you probably are already…just email me, and we’ll talk 😊). You probably have something that has been stifling you, deafening you and holding you back. I write for you to remind you that you can see it a little differently. You can choose to be free. You can choose to NOT be stifled; you can choose NOT to be deafened, and you can choose NOT to be held back. But, more importantly, you can choose to have what you want! (Yup-you can have what you want…you really can). If this paragraph doesn’t appeal to you, and it feels almost hubristic or arrogant, that’s fair…you may just need to hear it two more times.

Today, I am also writing for the woman reading this by “chance.” Wherever you are, however you came across this article, know that it was not by accident…accidents aren’t real. I am writing to you and for you. I want to remind you of your absolute power and brilliance.

What’s that? I don’t even know you? True, I don’t. I don’t know you. But, I know that if you were drawn to read this, then your power is probably stronger than you think.

I offer this, for those of you whose kitchen is not as tidy as you desire, create a practice/discipline of making sure that there is not a dish left in the sink before you go to sleep. Like, even if you’re passing out tired, no matter what, ensure that you keep your kitchen clean. Keep a diary that week. Watch how things shift.

Document how your outer world and your inner world have a way of working in tandem with each other.
I would love to hear about your experience. What shifted for you? How did keeping your kitchen clean help you change your thinking? How did it make you see that situation differently? If your kitchen is already clean, but you still have a lot on your mind, you’ll have to dig a little deeper. But it is a worthy dig.
Peace and Blessings


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