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If we take a look at all of the news that we have received over the years it is clear to see that the media has corrupted the way we think and has distorted the views and opinions of the masses. The overwhelming amount of negativity has increased, causing a social stigma where the message of the world has changed from love into hate without us realizing it. Activists who fought for our freedom for us to rise above that negativity included well known and respected individuals like Bob Marley, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Mother Teresa had a clear vision of the world, one that included all of the different races, heritages and cultures uniting them as one.

This year in hopes of bringing us all closer together, and help refocus our vision of the future the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper will use their platform to provide a voice through which the community can share and communicate their ideas to promote positive change. Although we are branded as a Caribbean Newspaper, it is important for us to remember that Toronto is a melting pot of different races, religions and cultures. No one race is above the other and we must take pride in the multiculturalism of our city, as it allows for us to experience the diversity of the world.

The world has come a long way, over the centuries granting rights, privileges and equality, ensuring us that everyone can be treated with the respect of humanity. However, many events over the last few years have affected our stance of standing together as one. These days we often hear reports of racism, hate crimes and protesting of rights that we thought our ancestors had fought for long before.

With this new vision we are hoping to offer insight into the real issues that affect our community here in Toronto. There are so many people from within our community and the other communities that are working hard in their efforts to give back and contribute to a positive society. Everyday the citizens of Toronto organize events, award ceremonies and meetings to bring to light and discuss the accomplishments of those that offer their time and efforts building and empowering one another.

Our newspaper is driven by the achievements of the people and businesses within the community. Everyone is encouraged to come together to support and enforce the message of unity. By standing together we become stronger and our actions create more of an impact in spreading the message of ‘One Love’ throughout the world. Everyday people like your friends, family and members of the community aim towards a better tomorrow.

In sharing our vision with the community, Jerrold Johnson, Chief Representative Officer of JNBS Canada shared, “I found the vision to be inspiring and compelling, it really grabs you.  It was truly something that is inclusive, drawing all spheres of the community together.” As a growing media outlet in the city of Toronto, we want to create a movement and a greater impact by reporting on those news stories you might not always hear about, those feel good stories about people uplifting one another and restoring our faith in humanity. “The Toronto Caribbean’s Vision of “Community Focused” demonstrates a stance of Leadership. I believe this exemplifies what they are…Leaders.”

Linden King – 2015 Mississauga Citizen of the Year congratulated the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper for their community focus outreach and their on-going efforts to support, engage and build community relationships with various communities. “I am extremely proud of the contributions and the great achievements that the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper has made over the years plus evolving with the changing times!! Keep up the great work!”

As a community we are always looking for ways to evolve and expand. We want to make our newspaper readily available and are in the process of expanding our reach, distributing to areas on the outskirts of the GTA. Our approach is to include everyone, be informative, providing non-biased news that will start in the community and spread throughout the world. If enough people with the same vision get together we can reclaim the love and overpower the negative stigmas that distort our view and confuse our opinions. Jeff Bowman City Councilor for wards 3 & 4 in Brampton shares, “I was introduced to the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper about a year ago and attended their official launch. Grant Browning has a great approach to all things going on in the community with a strong focus on bringing people together as one. Current events, lifestyle, culture and entertainment are all covered and this helps to make the paper upbeat and an enjoyable read.”

Here at the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper it’s about using our different advantages and unique ideas to build the community and support one another. We must work together to educate and empower the next generation so they can carry on the legacy.

Grant Browning, President and CEO of Carib101 Media Corp. and owner of the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper explains that the vision for the newspaper not only includes a passion and love for helping people, but also making a mark in our world to remember us by. “We all enter and leave the world with nothing. It’s what we do in between that matters. Only a few stand out from the crowd and stand up for something they believe and are passionate about. I have a dream of leaving a dent in humanity, doing something great, contributing to society in a positive way, building a strong community and leaving behind an incredible legacy. I really feel that our team is on the right path towards it.”

Be proud of the work we have done together. Community focused… We are the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper.


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