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The summer is almost over. It’s back to school for the kids and for most parents your thinking “OMG, I have to return to my regular work routine. But I know I’ll be needing a break”. You start to think, where will my next trip be, but then you realize that you would love to get away with a steal. Here are a few tips to help you have the most budget friendly experience.

One stop shop: Look into using an agent that specializes in the field of travel that you are considering. They are generally able to work wonders as they have made some of the best connections in the industry. Consider getting a group of people together and book early as the early bird always catches the worm. You will have more options as far as payment and add ons and may end up receiving additional benefits.  

Don’t wait till the end: Some of the worst situations a travel agent can experience are seeing the look of disappointment on their clients faces when they can no longer afford that dream vacation. They waited too long for that “deal” and their budget wasn’t as flexible. There are a lot of myths about last-minute deals and the best times to book being “Tuesdays”, but the truth is, they are just myths. Wait, now I’m not saying that this can’t happen, but I would recommend you register for notifications from your favourite airlines or resorts to get updates on specials, but please don’t wait until the last minute. If getting a great price is at the top of your list and if you are completely flexible then yes, take a risk. If not, especially if you plan to travel during peak season like Christmas, start to look into your trip at least six to seven months in advance.

Be flexible: Weigh your options. That dream trip could be a boutique hotel, an All Inclusive, backpacking, a customized tour or simply flying to a destination and just winging it. Whatever you choose and in order for you to get the best deal, you have to be flexible and open to change, not stuck on particular dates. Consider the fact that All Inclusive packages will include all meals drinks, snacks, airfare, and airport transfers, where a custom tour may not. Consider that to get the life of luxury you can rent a private villa or boutique hotel. Both options can provide extras like a butler, nanny, even personal a personal masseuse.

Trust the pros: Travel agents are agents for a reason. They have had to prove certain qualifications in order to get licensed to sell travel. A lot of agents have also mastered the school of experience as they have been in the industry for a very long time. You need to find a travel agent that you trust and that you feel comfortable talking to. Travel agents are there to help you get the best deal possible and to ensure that you as a passenger are fully aware of all the requirements for your upcoming trip. A good travel agent will take exactly what you are looking for and try to get you even more for your budget. Remember that they are professionals not magicians


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