Detoxify the Mind, Body and Soul While on Vacation

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Especially in North America, we have become so used to certain types of vacations. We have travelled the Caribbean and Mexico in search of the best All Inclusive hotels, been on many Caribbean cruises and have even traveled North America in an effort of exploration. Nowadays, it seems like travelers have gotten comfortable and are looking for more.

A lot more travelers are looking for a heightened experience with the trips they are taking. Travelers have realized that there is an importance in stepping away from their regular routine and spoiling themselves with a vacation. However, they have started to journey outside of the norm and look inward while on these vacations.

The choices are endless. From meditation retreats that offer a variety of treatments to promote simplicity, to yoga and health resorts which can allow you to connect inwardly as well as offer yourself an opportunity to unplug using unconventional healing practices. You have the ability to go off the beaten path or even combine luxury with personal wellness.

Have you ever thought about a therapeutic journey to India? Wellness travel is all about finding balance in one’s life; achieving, and maintaining maximum health and a sense of well-being. The science of Ayurveda and Yoga were inspired and developed by the great masters in Indian and have now become popular in North American culture. Spa treatments, Yoga, Ayurveda and naturopathy have always enticed tourists to India. There are countless health spas, relaxation and meditation centers throughout India that offer therapeutic healing of the body, mind and soul. These centers provide comfortable and luxurious accommodations and can include an authentic local experience.

Visiting Mexico and experiencing true Mayan practices and culture is another great way to cleanse the mind, body and soul. The Mayan ceremony is a significant element of the Mayan culture and its identity. It is a practice of religion and spirituality, a sacred activity through which human beings yearn to have closer contact and communication with the Supreme Being, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. They are carried out with very specific goals, whether it is an offering of thanks, to ask for better health, more success at work or wisdom and guidance in difficult times of life. They could also be performed to saturate your life’s positive energy and to cleanse negative energies.

The final location that this article will discuss is to discover overall wellness is Sinai, Egypt. Being one of the most important places for European travelers to visit as a health destination. With its hot, dry climate and numerous natural hot springs that are simply just waiting to be discovered, Sinai offers travelers a therapeutic as well as spiritual experience with its direct connection to stories of the Bible like Moses Mountain. The waters here have been said to have the ability to heal skin diseases and wounds, especially those of diabetics. It is also known to be used for more general use to relieve stress and help people to relax.

Regardless of your destination of choice, your possibilities are endless when it comes to unplugging and getting rejuvenated. Travelers definitely have an abundance of choices when it comes to entering a world of overall wellness while you are on vacation. Whatever your choice you have a number of possibilities to cleanse your mind, body, and soul.


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