Excellence Awards Maintains Vision of Highlighting Excellence Despite Name Change

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AfroGlobal Television held their Excellence Awards, formally known as the Planet Africa Awards at the Sheraton Hotel on Dixon Rd.

Since 2004, the red-carpet awards gala has honored achievers and brought together people of African origin to congratulate those who practice leadership and excellence in their everyday lives.

The awards were aired on AFRO TV, which began broadcasting in Canada this year, on Rogers Cable Channel 708 and Bell Fibe Chanel 2472. The award categories included Leadership, Enterprise, Development, Science and Technology, Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award, Visionary, Heritage, Academic Achievement, Media, Entertainment, Professional Achievement, Renaissance, Rising Star, Marcus Garvey Memorial Award, Volunteer and Lifetime Achievement.

The sixteen recipients of each year, which included Olympic medalist Andre De Grasse, Film & Television Director Sudz Sutherland, Minster of Education Mitzie Hunter and Civil Rights Activist Dr. Akua Benjamin, are all considered role models for youth in the Crossover Mentorship Program. In this program youth, primarily aged between thirteen to nineteen and titled crossover ambassadors, are given tools to address their personal issues with long-term solutions by mentors offering career guidance, enterprise development, winning academic success strategies, leadership development principles, life coaching and media training.

The Excellence Awards are the brand name replacing the Planet Africa Awards initiative, which was established in 2004. Excellence Magazine has also changed their name to Planet Africa Magazine, which was inaugurated in 2005.

All the Planet Africa or Excellence Awards recipients are also profiled in the AfroGlobal Book of Excellence and received updated Excellence Awards citations and certificates. All awardees are eligible for the magazine’s annual worldwide Excellence 100 index, which profiles change makers of Africa and the global diaspora.

AfroGlobal Television, which began broadcasting in 2008, aims to highlight the greatest of African culture and its diaspora through programming that positively and more accurately reflects the experiences and dreams of people of African heritage around the world.

AfroGlobal Television is a global super channel that represents and is built by people of African heritage worldwide. It showcases the best of Africa and the diaspora through programs that inspire, educate and entertain. They help with the integration of African people in their communities whether that is regarding the Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Brazilian or connected to Africa by birth, heritage or friendship.

Regardless of geographical situations, the AfroGlobal Television Network displays documentaries, biographies, music, movies, sitcoms, soap operas, talk shows, dramas, sports and athletics, children’s programming, reality shows, dance, news, current affairs and contents that reflect the diversity and distinguished accomplishments of people from an African background.

Original shows include a comedy drama series called XOXO, a documentary series called The Visionaries, a series highlighting undiscovered musical talent called Open Mic, The Minister that delves into spiritual preaching from various religious ministers, a reality fashion series called The Golden Button, features of North American change-makers on Jefferson Sackey Reports, and a health & wellness program called Anatomic.

AfroGlobal Television delivers diverse African and Caribbean perspectives on the excellence of individual cultures and their distinguishable differences through their numerous programs. AfroGlobal Television is a modern and essential voice for Africa and all its decedents. The channel continues to celebrate the success stories of Africa and the diaspora with the recently renamed Excellence Awards and the 24-hour cable channel.


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