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If you are a creative individual who has ever dreamed of touring a few African countries to learn about African art and indulge in the culture that the African continent has to offer, then you’re in luck!

ArtNoise is calling upon independent creators of Africa/Black and those of non-African descent as well as anyone with interest in African arts and culture to participate in a three-month work-study program-taking place in three different African countries.

ArtNoise “is a platform whose sole purpose is to promote the creation, enjoyment, sales, and appreciation of visual creations by independent African creatives through events, sales and merchandising opportunities.”

The residency is expected to take place in Kenya, Tunisia, Mauritius, and Lagos, which is where the final exhibition is expected to be.

The areas of study for the program will include animation, art education, community, crafts & trades, design, drawing, fine art, glass, media arts, painting, sculpture, and visual arts.

Candidates for the program will be selected based on their artistic ambition, innovation, social impact, and uniqueness. Those selected will get a chance to explore African arts and cultures through relationships with contemporary African artists and traditional artisans as well as their personal work.

Candidates will have a chance to present and showcase all their work in a public exhibition space. Candidates will also get a chance to be featured in the end of year ArtNoise magazine by writing a short presentation about their experience.

The aim of the residency is to benefit students through education and valuable work experiences and networking with other artists. Those selected for the work-study will receive an allowance of up to $2, 000 for their projects, travel allowance, insurance, safety and insurance workspace and residential accommodation in the communities.

Applications for the 2018 work-study are now open and will close on May 11th Applicants must also be between the ages of 18-35 and able to speak English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese or German.

The selection process is expected to take place mid-May, followed by interviews that will take place in Capetown, South Africa or via online video interview. The 2018 work-study is expected to begin on June 1st.

Those eligible for this year’s ArtNoise residency are visual artists, designers, art writers, cultural students, applied artists of African/ black descent or of nonblack descent who are interested in African/black arts and cultures.

Applicants are required to pay a $30-$50 non-refundable fee that will cover application processing, cost of art materials and equipment as well as travel fee to the country of the meeting.

ArtNoise celebrates Africa’s multiculturalism and diversity by bringing consumers of art a mix of ancient and contemporary arts, culture, food and style from the most creative minds across the North, West, East, Southern and central Africa. 

The ArtNoise mission is to make it easy for people to discover, collect and integrate creative visuals into their everyday space and lifestyle.  

For more information on the residency and ArtNoise, visit their website at http://artnoiseng.com/about-2/


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