FEATURE: Bringing Back the Smiles to Haitian Children


By Emily Singh
July 3rd, 2013 Edition

There are many types of heroes in this world, however not all of them are decked out in capes and masks, this is certainly the case with Allison Harvey. In the span of three years she has managed to raise thousands of dollars for 12 orphanages across Haiti.

In 2010 Haiti’s capital city, Port-au- Prince was decimated by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0, leaving 300,000 dead and 1 million people which is almost 1/10 of the nation with absolutely nothing.

Following the devastation, Allison Harvey was determined to aid in restoring the nation and helping to provide those newly orphaned children with the basic necessities for a healthy future. Selflessly she has been dedicated to helping the children of Haiti and gives one hundred percent of funds raised directly to Haiti with zero administrative costs.

Can you imagine looking far into the landscape of your homeland and seeing nothing but disaster and destruction? For the children of Haiti this was the horror scene they faced in the days and months following the earthquake. Now imagine being put through such havoc and then being left without parents. This is the harsh reality of many Haitian children.

As privileged citizens of North America, we can do our part to help restore the smiles of those children overseas. Our means in doing so can start as early as Sunday August 25th for just a small donation of a ten-dollar entrance fee, come out and support Allison Harvey’s mission through “Destination Haiti”. Come out to DSC Banquet Hall on 30 Gordon Mackay Road starting at noon for a glimpse of Haiti and a chanced to meet event host and former Miss Haiti 2010 Anedie Azael. This fun filled event not only features live entertainment, food and Haitian artwork but also serves as a donation drop off. Donations of gently used clothing, bags, shoes, soccer balls, art supplies, backpacks, toothbrushes, hair brushes and school supplies are welcomed and appreciated. However to fully make this event a success “Destination Haiti” is still in need of vendors, sponsors and of course volunteers. Your support and donations will help 2000 orphaned children from newborns to young adults create a bright and prosperous future.

This summer Allison Harvey will be working towards providing an orphanage of 65 children with mattresses. This home is in dire need of mattresses as the children currently sleep on pieces of boards.

This year through her Christmas Gifting Program, she aims to provide 2500 children across 8 orphanages with gifts. There are close to half a million orphans in Haiti not mentioning the many children unaccounted and undocumented for.


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