Free Enterprise + Social Media = More Human Connection

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In an online world, we are so used to complaining about not having conversations with anyone. We can even use computers to check out our groceries!

This article is not a rant or rave about technology, quite the opposite, really. I want to talk about how business, as we know it, is taking a large twist and allowing the opportunity of free enterprise to anyone at anytime.

Those of you who read my column are used to a spiritual side to everything that I do and this article is in keeping with that trend because what I am noticing is that with more opportunity to create our own wealth via the world wide web, people are so cleverly finding new ways to connect with each other.

So, here’s the meat. While we can order our groceries online and even get a pair of shoes off the web, we, as a society, have been finding more ways to “meet” and “get to know each other” in so many capacities. Whether it is through online dating or other social media, I think that it is not only exciting but also commendable that so many new companies and people are finding ways of being authentic, honest and truly connecting with both their staff and their clients.

Typically, people from my generation find this “online stuff” disruptive and unhuman…I think I spent a great deal of time feeling the same way until I began to realize that I literally have friends all over the world that I have never physically met. Like “pen pals”, these people and I have created friendships, shared many a story and even had arguments all over some mode of social media. I have gotten to know many of my client’s personal stories and I have shared my story with many of my hires…all online.

The idea of free enterprise and social media in tandem are incredible works of the human mind. We can make more friends and increase our wealth with the click of a button. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to work, but it means that we can do more, see more and potentially even experience more than ever before.

So, what does this really all mean? Well, in one of my previous articles, I expressed the allowance of the expansion of our minds in order to receive greater wealth. We have to shift our paradigms in order to make more money. In this article, I want to reiterate that idea as well as grow the concept that we, at least in this country, can always increase our wealth and create more relationships with people from places we would have never considered possible in the past.

I’m offering that all of us who are afraid of the computer and the smart phone to take a deep breath and dive in. I, for one, appreciate all that any technology has done for us. I remember when we had no cell phones. But, now that I have one, there is a world of opportunity to meet more people, get to know their stories and support them wherever they are. Social media makes meeting people, checking in on people and seeing what they have been up to and growing wealth more efficient. It also pushes people to find new ways to relate and support each other in the world. Free enterprise just happens to be one of the motivating factors.

Of course, we need to be clear about greed and unhealthy connections in any capacity, but this is where social media really kicks in. Everybody’s business is out there…so just be real!

We are entering a time where we are connected like never before and even if there is a lot of horrible things happening in this world, there is still some beauty and some beautiful people who are finding ways of helping each other and still growing their legacy.

Reach out; there’s a world of people waiting to get to know you!


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