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Crystal Healing is based on the theory that crystal gemstones promote healing.  This healing practice has been traced back as far as 6,000 years ago with Egyptians being proposed as the first to use gemstones by wearing them in their jewelry to repel negativity and illness.

It works with the chakra system discussed in my last article.  The colours of the stone co-ordinate with the chakra system and can create healing within the body. Crystals are said to absorb and restore energies.  While there is no scientific proof of their healing capabilities, as a third generation healer I can tell you first hand I have had great success in using crystals with my clients as well as in my personal healing regime.

When using crystals for healing purposes you can use them by directly placing them on your body on your chakra points, the crown, your forehead, your throat, your chest, your stomach, your gut and your genital area. They can also be used for healing through wearing them as jewelry, placing them under your pillow or carrying them in your pocket or purse but away from your money.

Some of the more popular stones are amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, black obsidian, tiger’s eye and citrine.  Below are some of their healing properties:

Amethyst: Often called the “all-healer”, amethyst is one of the most effective crystals for any kind of healing work. Clear Quartz: Known as the most versatile of all crystals and can be used for any healing, energizing or cleansing work. Rose Quartz:  Regarded as the stone for love, used to attract love and heal emotional issues. It is the crystal of peacemaking and can assist I releasing suppressed emotions.  Black Obsidian: A natural pain reliever that protects you from negative vibes and hostility at work or home. Tiger’s Eye: Gently energizes a weak or exhausted person and reduces cravings for excess food, tobacco, alcohol or stimulants.  It protects against the evil eye or when you are facing a mental, verbal, mental or psychic attack.

Citrine: Drives away darkness and night fears and protects against negative people.  Citrine when charged and energized is said to attract money to you. Crystal Gemstones can be found in most metaphysical stores and are available in small tumbled stones as well as small to large clusters.  There are many books and websites that can offer you different layouts and placements to assist you with protection, attracting love, success, prosperity, self-confidence, health and happiness.

When you purchase or receive a crystal that is new to you, you want to cleanse it to remove the energetic impressions of those who have handled it before you even though they may not be negative. Cleanse and recharge your crystals once a week or after any intense or emotional times.  You can do this by leaving them in the moonlight or sunlight for 24 hours or you can do so by holding a stick of incense underneath them.  There are additional methods for cleansing that can be found online.


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