Going Out With A Bang!

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While it’s the end of 2017, we have made it another year. You know this year for a lot of us has been a challenging year.  We’ve gone through a lot of struggles and challenges in our personal lives, in our jobs, careers, and potentially our businesses.  And it’s that time of year now that we get to sit back and reflect.  I always encourage my clients to take inventory at the end of the year, of the year. Of all the triumphs and all the wins, of all the challenges and all of the lessons learned, and to really reflect back on what we’re grateful for this year, what we want to continue to incorporate it into our year to come and what doors are we ready to close from 2017 and to not bring those forward into the new year. 

I love this time of year, not just because of the holidays and Christmas, but because we get to have a clean slate. It’s a new year, we get to set new goals, we get to look at life differently coming into this new year.

So, I ask you today, “What is it that you’re looking to change coming into your new year?”  “What are the goals that you’re going to set for yourself to strive in?”  How about this year you go outside of your comfort zone to experience things that you never thought about experiencing or you’ve been too scared to experience before.  You know, I really believe in pushing past our comfort zones to create new experiences in our life.  So how are you incorporating that into your year coming into 2018?

When you sit down with yourself to look at your life and to analyze where you want to go and what you want to have happen this year, I encourage you as well to take a look at all the things that you’re looking to release and all of the things you’re looking to incorporate into this new year.

This clean slate is really a magical experience, so when the clock strikes 12 am on December 31st, let’s set this up to knock 2018 out of the park.

I do want to wish you a very successful year coming up in 2018 and it’s been an honour to be able to write for you and for you to be able to read this column whenever you read it and find the connection to it.  I look forward to seeing what you bring about this new year and to all of the awesome things that happened to us in 2017 may we honour our experiences, enjoy the learning of it all because that’s why we’re here isn’t it?  Let’s move through this next phase of our lives with everything it is that we’re looking to have.

Thank you so much, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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