Have You Planned Your Kidcation?

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For some the only time that we can get away is when the children are not in school. March Break, summer holidays and Christmas break are the best times to vacation with children as we are trying not to interrupt their studies. As an agent, I’ve realized that these seasons are peak seasons and there are definitely a number of factors to consider when planning that family getaway. The following are a number of tips to consider when planning your perfect Kidcation.

Do your research early – The first thing you should do is figure out where you would like to take your family and decide on the type of vacation you would like to have. Many resorts and tour operators offer special packages and perks if you are travelling with children, so knowing some of the differences is definitely a plus. Consider activity options for infants, toddlers, pre-teens and teenagers. Also, don’t forget the babysitting just in case you plan on having some alone time.

Plan early – One of the worst things you could do is procrastinate when planning your family getaway. If one of your concerns is keeping the kids in school and travelling when they are on break, you definitely want to plan early and avoid paying premiums or going over budget because you have missed out on early booking deals.

Book early – Once you are done planning don’t hesitate to book your package. Some tour operators will offer you an opportunity to secure your reservation with a deposit.  This is absolutely recommended as pricing starts to increase the closer you get to travelling in peak season.

Packing – Once your trip is booked the packing process should start right away. You now know where you will be travelling to and if you live in a country where the seasons are always changing you may not have the ability to purchase summer items like insect repellent and some summer clothing. Start planning your list of items early so you’ll know exactly what you need to pack and when you can buy them.

Your final stage is actually travelling – As parents you will practically be living the vacation before you actually travel. You will need to think about how your little ones will be entertained especially at the airport and on the plane. What will you need just in case they get sick and what are some possible illnesses that they could develop. How will my child handle the pressure in their ears and how will they handle jet lag. Lastly, if I am travelling without the other parent, what legal documents will I need?

Let’s face it, travelling as a family can be an enjoyable experience. The memories that you will make as a family will be priceless. However, there are a lot of things to consider as you will have varying requests and dependencies to consider. Always consider the opinions of the whole family when planning a kidcation because a happy child will lead to a happy mom and dad while you are away.


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