HEALTH: Reasons You’re Not Shedding Pounds


By Monique Bartlett
November 6th, 2013 Edition

The amount of people that lose weight, gain it back, lose it and gain it back, keeps growing and growing. There are many reasons for this but in fact serving size is in direct proportion to the waist line. Most people perceive portion sizes to be significantly larger than what they are meant to be. It’s not only just the portion size but it’s also due to a high amount of calories and low amount of nutrition. Portion control is vital to weight management. Limiting portion sizes reduces calories.

Ultimately it’s necessary to strength train and do cardio in order to increase metabolism and burn fat. To maximize fat loss the focus should always be exercise that increases lean muscle mass and burns calories. Strength training helps promote fat loss and is important in long term weight management. It increases metabolism, burns extra calories, and also burns more calories at rest.

It’s also important to realize that food doesn’t cause people to be overweight, thoughts do. Being overweight is actually not the problem. It’s the solution to family abuse, stress, a dead end job, trauma, bad relationships, and many other triggers. Think of food as a means to satisfy hunger and not as a means to relieve stress or avoid negative emotions. Busy people don’t address their emotional eating and they tend to use food as a reward system. They don’t address their stress and stress is the number one cause of emotional eating.

There are specific thoughts and feelings in the unconscious mind that have an impact on eating patterns. Being overweight is a symptom of these thoughts and feelings. Really, it’s not just what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.


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