How Clean Is Your Space?

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Have you ever cleaned your house? Not the countertops, bathrooms and floors, but the energy in your house. How many of you would live in a dirty house?  Probably not too many of you.  If you have never cleared or cleaned the energy in your living space, you could definitely benefit from doing so.

Energy is everywhere and makes up everything. We talk about it all the time, “her energy is so positive”, or “he is so full of negative energy”.  When you or someone else comes into your home and they have a cold, do you see their cold? Do you see the airborne germs? What do you do after they leave? Use hand sanitizer or disinfect the house. Energy stays within your home just like germs and it is important to clear it regularly.

There are several ways to clean the energy in your home. One of the most common products people use to cleanse the energy of their home with is sage and the process is called smudging. To cleanse the space, open up some windows or door and light the sage. You want to set the intention of clearing and purifying the energy in your home.  You then walk through your space allowing the smoke to permeate the air and fan it out towards the doors or windows. Some people may find sage to be too strong or dislike the scent, if this is the case you can use incense sticks or cones in the same way.

As with regular house cleaning, energy clearing can be done daily but is extremely beneficial in the following situations: When moving into a new space.

At the time anyone is going through major life changes in the home. Following a serious illness or passing of someone in the household. After divorce or separation. If anyone in the home is feeling depressed.

Personally, I use incense in my home several times a day especially in my office in between clients. This aids in preventing us from absorbing the energy of others. When I travel, one of the first things I do when I enter my accommodations is cleanse the space. Can you imagine staying in a hotel room that wasn’t cleaned in between guests? People don’t consciously leave their energy behind but it does linger which can create havoc for those left in it.

Energy clearings can be done with any space or object, such as offices, cars, furniture and personal accessories. For those of you looking for the easy way out or a quick touch up, there are negative energy removal sprays available in metaphysical stores and online.

I also like to use incense prior to and after having guests in my home. Clearing prior to guests arriving allows you to raise the energy in your home and set the intention for everyone to feel at peace and in a joyful mood upon entering your home. Clearing after guests leave just ensures that your space is free of any energy left behind.  Often, when people visit my home they don’t want to leave because they feel so good in the energy.  Others will come in and feel tired because they find the energy to be so relaxing.

Energy clearing of your space will leave it feeling light and airy without you having to get on your hands and knees even once.


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