How to Clarify What Is My Purpose

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Clarifying ‘what is my purpose’ is one of the biggest contentions people grapple with.

If you’ve ever thought about this, you can probably attest that it can cause the greatest unease internally and the greatest joy when we start to understand and connect with it.

Maybe that’s part of the reason so many of us have an inner pull to find our purpose and meaning in life. Those who do, display certain distinguishing traits and behaviors that set them apart from the crowd.

Seven Key Traits of People Who Know their Purpose

  1. They have passion. They seem at peace with themselves and generally exude confidence in who they are and what they do because they know why they exist.  
  2. You can’t easily derail them. They see opportunities in challenges and are able to rebound when knocked over time and again because they have a vision and are committed to pursuing it.
  3. They take risks, are motivated, spirited and generally joyful from finding meaning in the contributions that they make.
  4. They guard their time and circle of influence judiciously.
  5. They operate with intentionality and rarely just drift along. It’s as if they command their lives with intent, strategy, and commitment. They exemplify the old Proverb, “Show me a man diligent in all his ways and he will stand before kings, not stingy men.”
  6. These people focus their thoughts before starting their day. They make ‘to do’ lists and prioritize goals. They understand times and seasons and distinguish quickly between the urgent and the important to stay on track and get things done.
  7. They are not perfect, but they have a system for producing results. And if the system no longer works, they are open to learn, adjust and improve. In essence they operate with the end in mind. They are big picture thinkers.

You can probably think of other distinguishing features you’ve observed of people who know their purpose.

The question becomes how do we get there? How do I discover my purpose and live it?

Well, there are no hard and fast answers, but as we observe those who model life with purpose, we recognize that there are foundational principles to their mindset and will. I call it the Blueprint to Clarity of Purpose. It clarifies the perspectives, responsibilities, and rewards for a life with clarity of purpose. The tenets suggest that:

  1. You are created for this time –  i.e. irrespective of the circumstances of your birth, you didn’t bring yourself here to this planet to this generation. But you were created for such a time as this!
  2. You are created for a purpose – you outpaced 40 million sperms in the most treacherous journey to life to be born in your generation to be a chain link in the 7.5 billion other people on earth. Each person in the link has a role and function to play in advancing the welfare of humanity.
  3. You are equipped to fulfill the purpose for which you are created – everyone has natural strengths – things you are good at – innate abilities, aptitudes, interests, and preferences that predispose you to do well at certain things.
  4. You have a responsibility to discover and develop your innate gifts to fulfill your role – the power within is only potential, you have to develop it to optimize it.
  5. You have a responsibility to utilize these gifts – as you appropriate the gifts you have developed, you make your unique contribution and add value to humanity.
  6. You find fulfillment as you make your contribution. Others are blessed and your creator is glorified! It’s a WIN-WIN

This blueprint is like the difference between using a reliable GPS for your journey vs. a hunch. Or driving in the rain with a good windshield wiper vs. none at all. It helps us understand the perspectives and mindsets that are foundational to discovering, embracing and living life with clarity of purpose.


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