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If you are living in Toronto and follow Hip Hop, then in some way, shape or form, you have started to hear about jEWELZ, and yes I spelled it right. Tracing his ancestry back to the island of Dominica, jEWELZ is a powerhouse of energy in rhyme and stage presence. With Singles like “Skankin on the Block” and “Bust a Elvis” and his newest single “Wha Gwan”. His latest performance came at Yonge-Dundas Square for TDot Fest, where he had the audience going crazy. With his hypeman Pac, jEWELZ even had some of the organizers come on stage to Skank on the Block with him.

Talking to jEWELZ is often hilarious, with his jovial personality, always cracking jokes, and making people laugh. Never one to take things too seriously, except when it comes to his music. He credits his current buzz, and development to manager K Woodz, Rich the Kid, and myself DT the Artist (He said to add me after all that we have been through together, and always being there for him to help with advice and guidance). Always humble when it comes to learning and making moves, jEWELZ often takes steps in a presidential manner, by consulting with his team, manager, and mentors. A young man with an old soul, jEWELZ stays grounded by mentoring youth and helping them to make inspired decisions.

Never one to shy away from straight talk, jEWELZ is always proud to let people know he is Dominican, “Not Republic” he always says. And then he usually puts on one of the hardest accents to let you know where he represents.

I asked jEWELZ a couple questions, and here is what he had to say.

1. What was your moment where it became apparent that being an artist was your calling? “When I was two years old I decided I wanted to be an artist. My cousins would play a track by Method Man and would hype me up while I rapped.”

2. What has been one of your biggest moments thus far? “Performing at Tdot fest, culture shock. And working with, not for profit organizations such as urban arts.”

3. What has been one of the lowest moments that you were able to learn from?
“Being in jail. Being locked up and knowing I wasn’t supposed to be there. And learning the hard way, that you don’t want to ever be in there. Also, I would have to say when I lost my mother.”

4. What is your goal for your career? “To be a well-known motivational entertainer. I plan to encourage and inspire audiences, and fellow artists to keep striving for greatness.”

5. What will be that moment that you feel that you’ve made it. “When I’m able to provide for my family. And my entire team is eating. When I feel like I never have to beg for anything. And also, when I am able to travel and see the world.”

6. What was the best advice someone ever gave you for your music career?
“You have the potential to go somewhere. Do not give up. Keep pushing through until you break through.”

7. What do you intend to be your music legacy?  “That was one frickin’ energetic guy”, when asked to elaborate he said “I want people to remember me every time I get on stage and perform, but also for the things I do in the community, working with youth.”

8. What advice would you give to up and coming artist? “Be yourself in life and in your music. Never give up no matter how hard it gets.”

9. What project or single are you currently promoting?  “My new single “wha Gwan”, the video is now available on youtube.”

To get in touch with jEWELZ, or to follow him Social media he can be found at @kasimjules, he can be reached at


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