My Educational Utopia

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The decision to apply to a university must be seen as a definite and well thought out decision. During the last years of high school, I knew that I wanted to continue my education and I knew that in order to do so, it would be important for me to choose the right educational establishment that would offer a range of educational programs. When researching schools, I focused on their ability to offer programs that supported the development of undergraduate students, post graduate students and students who were continuing their career specific training. It was important to me that the school that I decided to apply to would have a group of professionals who were committed to educating and fostering quality students and health professionals. I realized that once I had completed my studies, I would be a direct reflection of the institute that I had attended.

It is beneficial for anyone who is planning to work in the Canadian work industry, to not only understands other cultures, but to be able to communicate and respect the views of all cultures that they interact with. I stress to my students the importance of researching the school they want to attend to ensure that it carries out its activities for the benefit of society. Students must have an understanding of how their new educational outlet falls in line with their philosophical beliefs and how they choose to live. It is a good idea to follow what the school has been doing and how far they have come over the years. A great university will highly motivate you, especially if you see what they have accomplished. A university must demonstrate their ability to produce accomplished leaders in the Canadian workforce and globally.

The thrill comes from seeing the heights that one can reach; anything is attainable as long as you are fostered in the right environment. It is important that students are actively involved in tackling important questions concerning improvements in their education. I am encouraged by the fact that I was able to engage in research opportunities; and knowing that the school I attended was internationally recognized; it fulfilled my ultimate need to do more in our multicultural society. It is the universities responsibility to give their students an opportunity to pursue hands-on research in all areas of study including: educational, social and clinical services. At the end of their university career, students must be ready and able to participate in presenting their ideas at conferences, seminars and workshops that highlight their student research achievements.

A strategically chosen program will facilitate both a student’s short and long term career aspirations. Short term goals can range from completing their studies at an accredited school, or beginning work within the community. Long term goals can include establishing entrepreneurial ventures, or establishing non-profits organizations; anything that can help the greater community. A university must provide students with a wide variety of experiences in order to enhance their skills and the opportunity to interact with other professionals in order to become a proficient and well rounded professional. I was able to capitalize on every opportunity that was provided for me and I do not take for granted the work of others that have come before me. I realized that I had to push myself in order to continue the legacy of the university, but only after they had provided me with the support I needed to become the professional that I am.

I know, this sounds near impossible to achieve; it is, but day to day I offer the best of me to my students and to the community. It has to be done; our children must be given the best.


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