Ode to Being Corrected

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How do you manage correction? Do you accept it and grow or do you resist it and deflate?

Lately, I’ve been asking myself these questions because correction has been on my mind and in my life. As a child and youth, even as a young adult, the idea of correction from parents, elders and teachers used to give me anxiety. I would feel like I was not good enough. Now, after some years of working and learning, I have realized that being corrected is a good thing.

Let me be clear, correction is not criticism. It is not name calling or putting down. It is not shouting or the withholding of love or affection. Correction is demonstration. It is firm or gentle reminders to shift behaviours. From parenting to employment to self employment, we are giving and receiving correction all the time. But, how much of that correction sends us home feeling insecure or bruising our egos making us feeling resentful and angry.

Today’s column is about how to receive correction and choose to grow from it. The goal is not to change overnight because that would not be change at all. The goal is to establish a pattern of accepting correction and to create a trend of self reflection in order to grow.

Today, reflect on all of the times that you were corrected, from your boss showing you how to rewrite a report to your partner sharing that the washroom sink needs to be better cleaned.  Determine first, was this correction or criticism? If it is criticism-release it. You can learn from it another time. But, if it is correction, think on it. What was the initial feeling that you had while the correction was taking place? Does this correction bring you closer to your desired outcomes or further away?

Once you have determined your feelings and the direction the correction sends you, the next step is following the correction and making the necessary changes.

This all sounds so simple, in fact, it sounds so simple that you may not want to even give it a try. But, isn’t it almost always the case that simple movements make the greatest impact? If you don’t try it, you will not be at a loss. But if you do, be prepared for a shift in your life. Be prepared to not only receive correction, but also, give correction that nourishes and uplifts the people around you to get closer to their vision and goals. Give being humble and accepting correction a try,it may just change your life.


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