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Grant Browning | President

Grant is the CEO of Toronto Caribbean newspaper, Carib101Radio and Carib101 Media Corp. With over 20 years of experience in branding and marketing, he has a passion for excellence, a love for our community and a desire to help it shine. He has a history of working with companies to increase revenues and better their brands. Grant’s mission is showing the real beauty, strength and talents of our community. He is focused on building up on what makes our community shine, …people.

Trish Browning | Sales Manager

Trish Browning is the First Lady of the Toronto Caribbean newspaper and Carib101 family. She is in charge of advertising with 10 years of experience, and a background in customer service. Trish’s passions are offering solutions to people that will help meet their needs, and building strong community relations. Outside of work, she is the mother to the heir and heiress of the Carib101 family.

Alyssa Mahadeo | Operations Manager | Chief Reporter

Alyssa Mahadeo is a journalist who’s always on the quest for a great story. She is a passionate writer, and community reporter dedicated to capturing the positive vibes of the caribbean community, focused on creating a brighter tomorrow for the next generation. Using her storytelling skills as a way to understand different perspectives, she is committed to understanding the depth of human interaction and communication. A strong advocate of introspection, her philosophy is to always live her best and happiest life.

Alanna Zelau | Content Editor

Alanna is the Editor at the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper. She works with the paper because she believes in all it does for the community. Using her extensive history in marketing, advertising and newsprint, she ensures that local news reaches the community, as well as represents it. Also working in the service sector, she identifies with the hardworking people of the community. Her passion is her family, and helping others on a local scale.

Toronto Caribbean Reporters

Kristina Ramcharran

Kristina is not your average reporter at the Toronto Caribbean newspaper. With a strong focus on community journalism, Kristina is also passionate about photography, car shows and the local music scene. She uses writing as a medium for community unity.  

Jelani Grant

Jelani Grant is a writer with experience in various media platforms, who began writing at the age of 11.  As a graduate from Humber College’s journalism program, Jelani believes education of the arts is an essential part of community growth. This young writer believes Toronto Caribbean’s content divides itself from other community news agencies by putting a strong emphasis on positive achievements and empowering organizations within the community. He is determined to create more access to arts resources, which could lead to greater imaginations and an increase in new ideas.

Leanne Benn

Leanne is a writer at the Toronto Caribbean newspaper and a self described media enthusiast. With a BA from the University of Guelph-Humber and a Masters from the University of Guelph, she shares a strong love for education. She loves sharing the stories in the community that matter as well as highlighting the people that matter. Leanne believes that sharing cultures, values and traditions is a fun activity and the Toronto Caribbean brand helps to achieve this and much more.

Toronto Caribbean Contributors

DT The Artict | Entertainment

DT The Artist writes the entertainment column of the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper. As a touring hip-hop artist and running a development program at a recording studio, DT shares over 18 years of music experience with readers. He writes to share his knowledge and experiences in the music industry to help struggling artists develop their careers. DT’s goals are to help the arts community in Toronto by creating opportunities, share tips on how to be successful in the industry, and build a worldwide network that artists can benefit from.

Nicole Deforest | Travel

Nicole writes for the travel column at the Toronto Caribbean newspaper. Her love for travel sprouts from her island roots of Trinidad and Barbados. She has worked in the travel industry for over 12 years as a flight attendant and currently as an Travel expert at Tripcentral.ca. She has seen over 100 resorts in the Caribbean, and visited over 10 countries in Europe. She writes for the paper in hopes to peak some interest for others to travel. She has a passion for helping others find solutions and implementing them.

Philip DeWar | Jamaican Cuisine

Bio coming soon

Kizzy Courtney | Beauty Tips

Kizzy Courtney is the makeup and beauty columnist at the Toronto Caribbean newspaper. She is also a professionally trained makeup artist and founder and CEO of Maiden Makeup. She is passionate in her makeup artistry and she loves giving the general public insight into the makeup world. She uses the paper to provide information and tips on beauty and skin care to the community. Outside of work she is busy spending time with her family and further expanding on her love for makeup artistry.

Allison Brown | Health Care

Allison Brown works in community health care as a registered nurse. She is passionate about healthcare and wants people to be inspired to ask questions about healthcare issues. As a writer at the Toronto Caribbean newspaper she shares her knowledge with the community as a way to give back.

Trisha Curling | Yoga

Trisha writes for the Yoga column in the Toronto Caribbean newspaper. She is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and the founder of Ani O Yoga.  She is passionate about sharing the possibilities of health and living your best possible life. She sees her writing as an extension to her business and intention of spreading the healing modalities of yoga and exercise to the community. She believes that strong communities are built when we take the time to take care of ourselves so that we may be the best we can be for our families.

Priya Ali | Spirituality

Priya is the spirituality columnist at the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper, offering readers insight on the many aspects of the topic. She has dedicated her life to service and strives to assist the community with networking connections and insights that can lead people to living greater lives. She multitasks as a coach, iTV and radio host, owner and executive Producer of the 365 TV Network, healer, medium and more. She is passionate about serving the community, raising awareness and empowering people to live regret-free lives both personally and professionally.

Valerie Dye | Legal Matters

Bio coming soon

Kathy McDonald | Education

Kathy is the youth development and education columnist at the Toronto Caribbean newspaper. As a PDSB trustee and writer, her passion is to help each child realize his or her full potential. She works with the community to support student success through increased funding, and is working with the board to improve student success in math and to advocate for increased teaching assistants for students with special education needs. Outside of the Peel Board, Kathy is wife, mother and a dedicated volunteer.

Simone Smith | A Better Tomorrow

Simone Jennifer Smith was born in Scarborough, Ontario. Her passion is healing people who have had a hard time dealing with life. As the founder of Hear 2 Help, a Community Development Company, she helps her clients to find healthy perceptions of themselves and utilizes her education as a tool. Her dedication shows in her Toronto Caribbean newspaper articles, and in her role as a co-host on Carib101Radio.

Sheena Blake | Personal Development

Sheena Blake is the writer of the personal development column at the Toronto Caribbean newspaper. Being a writer and speaker, she is very passionate about words. She believes that publishing written and spoken words is a way for people to share their wisdom and help expand the thinking of others. She believes that everyone’s story can affect others and aid them in seeing life differently. She also owns and operates Discovering Diversity Publishing.

Keisha Johnson | Professional Development

Keisha Johnson is a writer at the Toronto Caribbean newspaper, and also content creator, editor, executive producer and stewardship coach. She loves turning her ideas into exquisite masterpieces that resonate within people. Throughout her column in the newspaper you’ll find insights and stories that ignite a fire to be and become more. An encourager at heart, her purpose is to see others thrive. This ‘stewardship with excellence’ mantra is embedded in all her endeavours at the individual and organizational level.

Fazaad Bacchus | Finance

Bio coming soon

Maurice Anderson | Real Estate

As a radio show host on Carib101 Radio, writer at Toronto Caribbean newspaper and real estate agent, Maurice uses his expertise in real estate to give readers the best advice. His commitment to actualize the dreams of the individuals and families to help secure their biggest investment is what Maurice does best, whether it’s in person or in the paper.  He strongly believes it’s not how many obstacles come your way but how you deal with them, work together and push through in order to reach your goal in life and real estate.

Andrew Stewart | Family Advisor

Bio coming soon