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Get Lashes To Love With Pink Lashes

BY: DELLIA RISMAY For those of us who would rather savor every possible minute in bed in the morning rather than get up and spend...

Train Your Body 24/7 With The Power Suit

BY: ALYSSA MAHADEO It’s already been a whole month into 2018, and the motivation that you felt to get into shape at the beginning of...


Do Your Kids Know Their History?

BY: KATHY MCDONALD Marcus Garvey in his wisdom once said: “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a...


Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Cake

BY: EARTHA LOWE Beautiful, rich, chocolatey! Zucchini's natural sweetness, mellow flavour, and high moisture content make it an ideal fruit to bake this majorly rich chocolate cake with. Zucchini (also called courgette), is a fast-growing fruit...

Callaloo, Coconut & Ginger Spiced Rice

BY: EARTHA LOWE  If you buy super-fresh, super high-quality vegetables, you can give them the minimalist treatment and they’ll be singing with flavour! You can simmer almost any vegetable by immersing it in enough boiling...

Roasted Eggplant Dip

BY: EARTHA LOWE To make brilliant food, you simply need to combine the best ingredients. The commonality among the explosion of international ingredients and cooking techniques has brought us recipes – both traditional and contrived...

Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato With Greens

BY: EARTHA LOWE Sweet potatoes, one of the oldest, most delicious vegetables known to man, have gained "superfood" status among healthy eaters and for good reasons! Not only are sweet potatoes naturally sweet -  tasting...

Green Plantain Vegetable Soup

BY: EARTHA LOWE A plantain is a green vegetable and a member of the banana family. Unlike bananas, however - a fruit that can be eaten once they ripen - plantains are cooked before serving...

Health & Wellness

Yoga & Affirmations Go Hand in Hand

BY: TRISHA CURLING  When I decided that enough was enough and that I needed to get healthy again, it wasn’t just a need to get...

Better Tomorrow

“Why Aren’t You Listening to Me?” (Part II)

BY: SIMONE JENNIFER SMITH  Welcome back Toronto! So; were you able to take a moment to think about our topic last week? Did you take...
Toronto, ON
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Women Empowered

Simone Denny: International Superstar Continues to Soar

BY: KABRENA ROBINSON  Toronto's very own soulful and captivating singing sensation Simone Denny has seen a rewarding career in music marked by numerous awards and...

Brook “Ms. Write” Dixon: Taking Survivors on a ‘Flight’ Towards Self...

BY: KABRENA ROBINSON  At just 25 years old, Brooke Dixon also known as Ms. Write has devoted much of her life to advocacy by means...


Looking For Someone To Want

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT Yayyyy!!! We can rejoice if you are single like me, we have made it through the hardest holidays for single people, and...

Toronto Black Singles United

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT As Valentine’s Day approaches I begin this week’s column with an e-mail from a reader. Hello Kezia, I found your e-mail online as...


BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." One of the most popular sayings on the social understanding of...

Love/Relationship Goals for 2018

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT It’s 2018, and maybe you have set New Year’s resolutions and goals for yourself in areas of your life like health and...

Netflix and Chill

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT We are about to head into the New Year 2018, and I thought I would make a Public Service Announcement to everyone...


A Royal Welcome at the Moon Palace Jamaica

BY: ALYSSA MAHADEO When planning a vacation one of the first things to check off the list is choosing your destination and deciding on where...