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Crowned Spice “Better Ingredients, Better Spices”

BY: ALYSSA MAHADEO For those that know how to put together an exquisite culinary masterpiece, they understand that the spices they use can either make...

Capturing Precious Moments With In Your Prime Photography

BY: ALYSSA MAHADEO The art and creative expression of photography has been showcased in the beautiful way photographers are able to capture, and freeze a...


Public Engagements Will Help Shape Future of Student Assessment

Toronto – Beginning in November, Ontario students, parents, teachers and education partners, have an opportunity for the first time in 20 years to help...


Honey-Roasted Root Vegetables

BY: EARTHA LOWE Roasting root vegetables define contemporary cooking! You can combine almost any vegetables you want, turning a simple dish into a dramatic one that's low in fat, high in flavour, and that gets...

Easy 1 Pot Red Pepper Pasta

BY: PHILIP DEWAR For many of you, potlucks can be dreadful. If you’re not very skilled in the kitchen, often times resorting to a vegetable or fruit platter, or a box of doughnuts ends up...

Creamy Jamaican Pumpkin & Carrot Soup

BY: EARTHA LOWE There's a famous reggae song titled "Hot Sexy Punkie" by international artist Sean Paul. Should you know this "sweet" reggae song, raise your hand if each year at the beginning of harvest...

How To Cook The Perfect Turkey

BY: PHILIP DEWAR Although Thanksgiving has passed, we have another big holiday coming up in Christmas. This year, make sure your turkey is cooked perfectly so it can be the star of the table. All...

Puff Pastry with Greens

BY: EARTHA LOWE Nothing short of astonishing is the countless ways to incorporate spinach into your meal plan and enjoy a variety of nutritional benefits. Spinach stands out as an impressive leafy green rich in...

Health & Wellness

Vichy Mineral 89

BY: KIZZY COURTNEY  I’m sure many of you have used or have seen products from Vichy. Vichy is a great skincare line that offers great...

Who Got Da Props?

Better Tomorrow

Women of Power Weekends

BY: SIMONE JENNIFER SMITH  I have to say Toronto, I am very proud to be an African Woman in September. The last few weeks have...
Toronto, ON
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Women Empowered

Elizabeth Correia – Surviving Pain Through Finding Purpose

BY: ALYSSA MAHADEO  To endure is to discover an inner strength we didn't know we were capable of, our resilience unwavering pushing forward to a...

Sara Singh – Broadening Horizons for Social Change

BY: ALYSSA MAHADEO Born of Indian and Guyanese parentage, Sarah Singh has spent most of her life residing in Brampton. She is an emerging social...


Love Like a Soca and Reggae Song

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT Letter from a reader from the last article on situationships. Hey, I’m a first-time reader of your column and I’m so happy I...

Making The Soundtrack For The City: T Major

BY: DT THE ARTIST  One of the city’s favourite producers, T Major is building the soundtrack for the city. Starting off as a producer, T...


BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT Beyoncé’s song Upgrade You featuring Jay-Z popped into my head when I thought about a guy I dated aka had a situationship...

Love, Likes, and Shares in the Six

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT Hi, I’m Kezia and the writer of this new section Love, Likes, and Shares in the Six. This column is a space...

7 Reasons People Are Dishonest In Romantic Relationships

BY: KEZIA ROYER-BURKETT I’m a part of a fascinating WhatsApp group chat with many very interesting, entertaining and at times intriguing characters, and personalities, with...


Top Family Vacation Recommendations

BY: VANESSA ERDELYI So many destinations, which one will you choose? Are you having a hard time deciding where to spend your family vacation? I...

Hurricane Irma & Maria