Psychic Readings: Foresight or Fakesight

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You’re up late one night watching TV and there she is on the commercial, the psychic, ready to predict your future. If you’re like many others you will remember Miss Cleo, with her scarf wrapped head toting her pay per minute psychic readings by phone using tarot cards or a crystal ball. For many, this is the image they conjure up when they think of a psychic or a fortune teller. Can someone actually predict your future? Can they really see into your life, your feelings and energy?  

As a young child, I began to recognize that I knew things about people’s lives without knowing how I knew, without being told. I realized that I would feel what other people were feeling and could hear or know their thoughts. I would receive visions of things that had or would occur in their lives. I would hear things about their life, I would feel their emotions or physical pain in my body and I would know things that they had never shared with anyone.

I remained in the psychic closet until my late twenties, mostly due to the fear of hearing that one of my aunts was institutionalized for what we now refer to as intuitive gifts, but back then was considered mental illness. Afraid that I too, would be referred to as a nutcase, a fake or a fraud, I began to train with some of the most renowned intuitives in the world. During those trainings, I never learned anything new, but did walk away with a deeper understanding of things I was already guided to do or validation that I was proceeding in the light.

When someone goes to see a psychic, they are generally looking for information in regards to the future and hoping to hear that everything is going to fabulous in all areas of their life. They usually want to test the psychic to get a piece of information that confirms that they are the real deal. We are reading you similarly to reading a book that you are facing towards us.  

We are reading what you are showing us and then using our individual gifts to process the information and relay it back to you in words. People judge our accuracy based on our readings coming true. The accuracy of your psychic is based on how much you believe in them. If you believe in your psychic, you will look for those things to happen and in turn create the energy that will create that situation. Then you stand in awe of your psychic thinking he or she is a powerful human when in fact you have combined what they have told you with belief and the law of attraction allowing these negative or positive results to appear.  Many times, people become dependent upon their psychics.  A sincere psychic will empower you with reading your energy and presenting you with guidance that will allow you to be in the driver’s seat of your future.


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