Pushing Boundaries

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I believe that everybody in life, whether you have a career, you’re a stay at home mom, or you’re in business for yourself, should all be pushing boundaries in our lives.  What do I mean by that?  I mean experiencing things that are outside of your comfort zone. 

You know we all have these fears; fear of heights, fear of speaking in front of people, fear of failure, fear of success, maybe even a fear of spiders.  But how are we as people experiencing that gut feeling inside of us and pushing through that feeling to go out and execute and have some success in our life? Success could mean even just accomplishing something you never thought you could.

It’s important for us as people to be able to live inside of that zone.  Now not every day, and not all the time, but be able to experience it here and there to help us to grow and see life in different ways.

I had the privilege of jumping out a plane, skydiving actually for a local charity just recently.  And, my only fear in life, is the fear of heights. People said to me, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re doing that,” “that’s just crazy, you are nuts.” It was an interesting experience because I didn’t actually feel scared. There was a brief moment that I got the feeling, that stomach twisting feeling, but it subsided really quickly. Think about it, I was up high, like 10, 000 feet in the air and then we jumped out of this plane.  I believed in the experience and going into that arena to be able to feel that experience.  And no matter how much fear I had inside of myself it wasn’t going to let me not experience what that felt like.  So, what in your life will allow you to step outside of yourself and feel this?

So, I highly encourage you today to jump out of a plane, to pick up a microphone and talk in front of people, to even go to a small little mom event and talk about your feelings and how you feel and get vulnerable.

Whatever aspect or wherever it is that you have that fear of or have that feeling inside of your gut that you don’t want to do something because you’re scared.  Whatever that looks like for you I hope and encourage you today to go step inside of it and feel the feeling of what that feels like.

There isn’t really a feeling that describes jumping out of a plane other than the fact that it feels like you’re flying.  So, if you want to go experience something like feeling no weight and just the rush of the wind on your face as you’re jumping, I encourage you to try that.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely, does push boundaries. 

So, until next time, keep pushing those boundaries, and keep being your awesome selves!


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