Putting Your Exercise Program Together

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You have a few extra pounds and you want to figure out the best way to get rid of them.  You know you should have a more structured exercise program to achieve maximum results.  You’re not sure where to start but the best thing for you to do is just move.  Even shovelling snow or mowing your lawn has health benefits and burns calories, but if you really want to see results in order to reduce your stubborn fat, more intense and focused exercise is a must.

A great routine for stubborn fat loss goals is a circuit training program. This style of training not only raises your metabolism, improves your cardiovascular ability and increases strength, but it is also time efficient. If you want to see maximum results put together a routine that uses your large body parts such as legs, chest, back and shoulders. Perform exercises that use all of these muscles at once. When you shock your body with exercises that use multiple muscle groups at the same time you will see results faster. You can also mix cardio interval training into your circuit workouts or in addition to your circuit workouts to increase the amount of fat you burn.

If you’re not sure what a good circuit workout would be for you, be sure to consult a professional.  They can show you proper technique and work out a program that will help you get the type of results you would like to achieve.  You can easily perform these exercises at home with nothing but dumbbells or an exercise band if you’re not ready to go to the gym.  Also, make sure that you consult your family physician first before you start any new exercise program.

Perform each exercise with proper form for six to eight reps with the maximum amount of weight you can handle without injuring yourself.  Add some cardio to this for one to two minutes.  Rest about ninety seconds before repeating the circuit two to three more times.  As your strength and endurance increases, you can increase the amount of weight you use as well as how many times you complete the circuit.

Start slow and work your way up in time and intensity. You don’t have to implement everything all at once.  You can easily take one or two ideas from above and change them to suit your exercise habits. However, the more effort you put in, the faster you will see results. By creating a healthy lifestyle overall you will win the battle against stubborn fat.


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