Quest For The Perfect Wing.

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Applying a winged eyeliner to an eye look can turn it into an alluring, sultry masterpiece when done correctly. The winged eyeliner is a classic makeup look that is appropriate for any occasion. If you are a beginner, however, perfecting the winged eyeliner is a skill that takes lots of practice and time to master. Novices tend to start by using pencils which is the easiest way to apply eyeliner and then work their way up to liquids or gel which is the most difficult to master. Here are few simple tips on perfecting your wing.

To begin with, you need a fresh clean face, and your eyeshadow look complete. Then choose your type of eyeliner. There are many different types you can choose from. You can opt for an eyeliner that has a self-applicator or a brush tip, there’s also the pencil or you can even opt for a black eyeshadow or gel with and angled eyeliner brush. Now you need to prepare your brush. For those using a liquid liner this simply means shaking the tube and swirling the brush a few times before pulling it out. For those using a shadow or gel, you will need to wet your eyeliner brush with a bit of water, less water for gel as it already has its own moisture. Now it’s time to start your eyeliner, I personally like to start my liner by creating my wing (the tail) first and to do so use your lower lid as a guide for how sharp you want your wing to be.

This part is different for everyone as everyone has a different eye shape. Next, I create my line by slowly brushing my liner across my upper lash line and connecting it to the base of the tail. You can choose to create this line in one continuous motion or use short, light brush strokes on the lash line. Do what feels natural to you but remember not to press too hard as to lose control. Now you’re ready to connect your wing, dip your brush back into your liner and with your hands not holding the brush gently pull on the skin on the outside corner of your eye towards your temple. This creates a smooth surface and prevents the brush from snagging.

Now you want to define your wing, winged eyeliner can be thick or thin. If you want a thin line simply create your wing so it is the same size as the line along your lashes. If you prefer a thicker bolder more dramatic wing, starting at the tip of the tail bring the liner down in one smooth motion connecting it about half way to the line on you lashes leaving an empty space between the two lines creating a triangle. Once you’ve achieved your desired thickness, dip the brush back into your liner and fill in the empty space between the triangle.  Remember it is always easier to add to the line than it is to remove. Repeat these steps on your other eye and voila. A few of my favorite eyeliners to use are the Essence Dip Eyeliner, the LA Colours Liquid Eyeliner (this one has a fine brush tip which I find very easy to control) and last is the Wet N Wild Kohl Pencil liner (This one I use on my lower waterline).

Eyeliner should always be applied after you’ve finished your makeup as the worst thing you can do is smudge your perfect wing by putting a shadow on top of it. If you opt for no eyeshadow and want a more natural look with just liner, I suggest applying a neutral shadow all over the lid to even out the skin tone beforehand. Congrats, now that you know how to properly apply the perfect winged liner just add a bit of mascara and you’re ready to take over the world.


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