Relax and Unwind at Caribbean Sunset!



Envision a Caribbean Sunset, the sun surrounded by a halo of pink and purple skies, as ocean waves crash softly against the shore. For the past five years, the Caribbean Sunset Restaurant Bar & Lounge has welcomed their guests to enjoy a similar experience. With their casual and relaxed atmosphere and great tasting food, this is the place to grab a drink and unwind.

Guyanese business owner and entrepreneur Kevin Dass has been in the industry for many years. Although he might be young, he has gained much experience over the years watching and helping his parents run their own restaurant while they lived in Pickering.

Kevin attended school in Durham completing his studies in Computer Programing. After graduation in search of a job he found that although he was qualified he wasn’t receiving the type of salary that he would have preferred. Interested in making his own money, and being his own boss Kevin decided to open a restaurant of his own where he could run his own hustle.

Five years ago, in 2012 Kevin opened Caribbean Sunrise at the age of twenty-three. He says that becoming a business owner at such a young age took a lot of hard work and dedication especially to reach where he is today. Owning your own business takes a lot of responsibility. You have to put in a lot of time and effort into building it up, and then maintaining it for the long run. If you don’t do the work no one else will and Kevin says his first year was an adrenaline rush being able to be the boss and make his own money.

“Opening my own restaurant has taught me that nothing comes easy in life,” says Kevin. “The everyday hustle and work that I have had to commit to this business has really taught me the value of money as well as responsibility that you can’t get from a regular 9 to 5 job.”

In the beginning his parents helped him to get his operation up and running, but he has been the one to maintain it in the long run. The constant hustle, has shown him what it really means to be his own boss, and his restaurant has become a frequent dive for the West Indian community in Mississauga. “For anyone else interested in getting into this type of business I recommend they really take time to educate themselves about managing money; there’s so much that goes into every aspect of running your own business and it is important to stay modern and current with the times.”

Located at 1001 Meyerside Drive in Mississauga, Caribbean Sunset prides themselves in serving some of the best Guyanese Chinese Cuisine in the city. Their cozy dining room offers family friendly and casual vibes, open to hosting and catering any of your event needs.

“Our restaurant is a place where people bring their friends, and come to relax after a long day at work,” Kevin shares. “We aren’t here to judge you, people are allowed to be themselves carry on and enjoy a good time that’s why we are here.”

Kevin’s favourite part of his job being a business owner is meeting all the patrons that visit his restaurant. Many new and familiar faces pass through his restaurant and everyone is treated with the same respect and familiarity as family when they come in.

At Caribbean Sunset, they serve authentic Guyanese Chinese Cuisine and are completely Halal. They offer many popular dishes including Chinese Appetizers like spring rolls, chicken and shrimp wonton, calamari, and deep fried chicken wings. Their West Indian Appetizers include Potato, Egg or Cassava Balls, Fried Shark, Fried Plantain, Pholourie, Doubles and much more! Many of their customers come by for their affordable lunch specials with Stew Chicken, Special Chicken Fried Rice and Chow Mein, as well as Jerk Chicken, Chili Chicken and Curry Chicken however you would like it prepared!

Caribbean Sunset is open six days a week, Monday to Thursday from 11am to Midnight, Friday from 11am to 2am and Saturday from 1pm – 2am. Their fully stocked bar and casual Caribbean vibes caters to every occasion and they always encourage you to bring your friends and family out to their restaurant for a good time.

Looking toward the future Kevin knows that his business will continue to thrive. People who come to the restaurant are always pleasantly surprised to find their food so tasty and well prepared that they almost always end up coming back for more. In addition to his restaurant Kevin hopes to explore other opportunities on his entrepreneurial route seeking even more successful business owner advantages with financial freedom, and hopefully more time to fulfill personal endeavours.

If you are looking for a Caribbean restaurant in Mississauga with relaxing vibes and great customer service Caribbean Sunset is the place to be! Kevin is always happy to meet new customers and provide them with some of the best Caribbean Cuisine to warm up their souls and fill their bellies. Their food is always fresh and their drinks are ice cold! Head on in today, pull up a chair and just relax. They’ll handle the rest!


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