Run for the Rum!

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Now, whenever events like Christmas come around, there are a plethora of little games people love to organize for children. A perfect example, when Easter comes around, the Easter Scavenger Hunt, taking up a map and going around the house or neighbourhood for the lost chocolate eggs… Such fond memories of that time, however being a fully grown individual going on any sort of scavenger hunt might look a little questionable…

Thankfully for us grown folk there is the Run for the Rum! For all liquor connoisseurs you can have your fill with a bit of fun to go along with it. Run for the Rum is an annual event from November 18th to December 2nd where participants go from venue to venue discovering various rum makes and flavours from all over the Caribbean and Americas. Curated by co-founder Dante Concepcion and multi award winning mixologist Brendan Schatti, Run for the Rum takes off with Angostura 1919 (Trinidad & Tobago), Brugal Anejo (Dominican Republic), Chic Choc Spiced (Canada), El Dorado 8 Y.O. (Guyana), Flor De Cana 7 & 12 Y.O. (Nicaragua), Havana Club 3 & 7 Y.O. (Cuba), Mont Gay Black Barrel (Barbados) and finally the Kraken Black Spiced (Trinidad and Tobago); all eclectic tastes and varieties that travellers can get familiar with.

By visiting any participating venue, patrons can acquire the map to venture off to various parts of the city to try any of the featured rums. Bartavia in Midtown, Parcae in the Entertainment District and the Inglewood Essential in Queen West area just to name a few. In doing so, you’d get a treasure token that would put you and other participants in the grand draw for a trip for two to Nicaragua courtesy of Flor De Cana. Aren’t scavenger hunts fun?

Participants will also get a chance to attend the Rum-Runner’s Grand Revelry & People’s Choice Competition for a night filled with historical context about all the rum featured in the event as well as a chance to meet and greet some of the industry’s most figurative heads in the game. Not to mention some of Toronto’s top bartenders and mixers.

The Choice Award will also give you a chance to vote for which bartender has the best cocktail crafted to perfection with some of your favourite rums. Be sure to take a photo and submit your token page on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag @RunForTheRum to be considered. And also be sure to visit for any further details on participating venues and information regarding the event.


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