Self Mastery

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So, it’s been documented that it takes anywhere from six to ten years, or an equivalent of 10,000 hours to master something.  Have you ever heard that before? If this is true, how committed are you to mastering something? Maybe it’s a sport, like Tiger Woods and golf, practicing for hours a day to master a craft. It might mean for a specific type of physical activity, like martial arts or yoga. Maybe it’s in specific learning when it comes to a career choice or different types of trades that you want to go into.  With that being said; 10,000 hours of self-mastery, that is focused time on something that you want to learn more about and actually master.

So, what does mastering something actually really mean?  It means being passionate about a cause, it means knowing the ins and outs of whatever that subject matter is, or that profession. It means creating and being able to answer any type of question when it comes to that type of subject. 

I ask you today, “What is it that you’re trying to master?” Is it a positive mindset?  Is it a new skill set?  Is it some business skill that you’re trying to master?  All of us are probably trying to refine something in our lives.  Whether it’s even the way that we read books, or to the way that we communicate with our partners or our kids.  All of that brings in attention from a mastery side. 

So, again I ask, “What is it that you’re mastering?”  “Where is your focus?”  And if you want some things to change in your life, are you putting in the time and effort to make sure that you are mastering that skill set?  Rome wasn’t built in a day they said.  Every single hour and every single minute that you’re exerting towards mastering whatever in your life it is that you are looking to master are key components to the growth and development of that skillset. 

Sometimes it isn’t easy, sometimes it’s so much easier to give up… I say… continue to keep focused on those areas.  Keep moving through the things that you want to learn and to keep the focus on self-mastering that task or skill set.  In the end, when you get there and you know all about that subject, and it is who you are, you’ll look back and go, “Wow, all of those small steps that I took to get here were worth it and I’m so happy that I committed the time to make sure that I mastered that skill set.”  Just a reminder it doesn’t always have to be hours on end in a day, it could be fifteen minutes here, fifteen minutes there that over time will add up.

So, best of luck in your self-mastery and moving yourself forward this week. I look forward to seeing your results.


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