Setting Up Your Year



Well, it’s a brand new year.  We’ve all survived 2017, some of us with more trauma and challenges than others but a lot of us definitely have been through growth experiences this last year.

And what I encourage you today is take a look at, you know, based on your reflection that you did in 2017, “What is it that you really want to achieve in 2018?  And have you set up those goals already and the strategies around those goals?”

I always encourage people to do yearly goals, just to take a look at the holistic aspect of everything. From there you should be able to break down your goals into quarters or what I also call phases of the year in which you want things to happen. Then from there create your monthly goals and then weekly goals and then even break it down into days. Yes, it’s that extreme but this is how to get it done.   

So, what do you have to do every day to make sure that you achieve that goal?

Let me give you an example through releasing weight. Let’s just say that the goal is to get back into your size 4 jeans that you have in your closet by the end of the year. Take a look at that and go, “OK so realistically I probably need to weigh 50 pounds less.”  So, what does that mean? “That means I need to be doing different things with my nutrition, I might need to be drinking more water, I might need to be doing more workouts and getting more active.”  So how do you break that down into measurables that you can actually measure?  So, on a weekly basis maybe you’re checking your weight, I don’t really highly encourage that actually but maybe you have a different type of measurable and go, “Ok, I worked out five days this week, I did my walks every day, I drank enough water and I didn’t eat any grains.”  Maybe you have a tracking chart or a journal that you can measure this in. This will also help you track your daily actions.   

We all know it’s the small steps in life that take us somewhere and sometimes we don’t even realize or reference that those small steps are what’s actually making movement and taking us in certain directions.

So today I encourage you to make sure that you set up the goals for the year.  Do it in whatever avenue makes the most sense for you, whether it’s in your career, your financial status, your health, or in any aspect of your life that you feel you need to be setting goals in. Set them. Challenge yourself this year.  Figure out a way to be doing new things, and here’s to an amazing 2018!


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