Stepping Into The Fear



I just got off a call with one of my coaching clients who is surrounded by people in his life who have a lot of fear. Whether that’s the co-workers in his life, or some of his family, including some business colleagues. For the last week, maybe partially the last few days, he has been surrounded by a lot of people who have fears, who want to tell him about the things that he potentially can’t achieve in his life or shouldn’t go through because he should be looking for more stability.  I could feel him from afar and knew he needed time to digest what he was going through, not knowing exactly what he was going through, but then he reached out tonight to say to me, “I’m not sure how I feel about things.”  I called him right away to go, “What’s been going on?” 

He told me that all of these people have been surrounding him and telling him about all of these negative things that should be in his life or shouldn’t be in his life.  So, I said to him, “What if we use this as fuel?  What if we actually stepped into the unknown and stepped into the fear knowing that there is that thriving little whisper inside of our core that keeps reaching out saying you’re destined for other things? You’re destined for bigger things. You’re destined for more in your life.”  And if you would just step in, embrace the fear, embrace the negativity, put it into its own box and push through, you might actually get the life that you’re wanting to live or that you are destined to live.

So today, and why I tell you that story, is there are things in your life that you are probably avoiding. People in your life that are telling you that you can’t and you’ve embraced that knowledge or you’ve embraced their words of advice or wisdom because you respect them or because you do have that fear and you are scared to step into that space.  Well, today is a new day.  What if you just did?  What if you just stepped in, threw it all in and just decided to make that change and to see what would happen?

What is really going to happen if you fail and not succeed at what it is that you’re throwing it all in for?  Nothing really, maybe you’re a few steps behind, maybe you’re out a little bit of money. But you can get all that back, but you can’t get back the experience or the learning that you’re going to learn about yourself, about others and about that experience without actually diving in.

So today, I challenge you to step into the fear. Step in full heartedly all in and see what happens.  You never know.  You might surprise yourself. 

Until next time.


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