Sunlime Mas Presents Tribe BC, A Band to be Reckoned With This Carnival Season

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The Toronto Caribbean Carnival is celebrated as North America’s largest street festival. Garnering millions of attendees each year this Caribbean cultural explosion is a chance to let loose and celebrate the beauty, vibrancy and energy that the Caribbean islands embody. This year expect to see a new mas band take over the town as Sunlime Mas proudly presents Tribes BC! This unique theme is meant to showcase the diverse cultures the existed before Columbus ventured to the Caribbean.

Scarborough got a taste of what to expect at the grand parade during the inaugural band launch on Friday night inside D’Warehouse. The venue was packed as eager carnival lovers came out to view the costumes and have a good time. Sunlime Canada once again did not disappoint, their mas costumes were second to none. Crystal Vibez and DJ Tuxed played as the costume display kicked off. The Lakota Dreams sections was nothing short of stunning and colourful. This section is meant to display the culture of the Lakota, which are the indigenous people who inhabit the North American Great Plains. Vibrant reds and yellow hues took over the stage as the models proudly showcased their feathered headpieces and bejeweled costumes. Another section that stole the show was Island Carib in their yellow and purple costumes. Each section was representative of a tribe, with their own unique story to tell.

The Toronto Caribbean Carnival parade is a family event that draws in crowds by the millions. One of the most beautiful things about the Caribbean community is its ability to unite and join everyone as one. Toronto is noted as being one of the most multicultural cities in this world and the attraction of the Caribbean Carnival is just a testament to how true that really is. People from all walks of life and every cultural background get together to enjoy the world class music, dance and cuisine that the Caribbean has blessed us with.

The Tribes BC band launch is just a glimpse as to what is to come during the Caribana long weekend. This event could not have been possible without the support and sponsorship of Uniform and Indy’s 101 Custom Autobody & Paint. For more information regarding costumes visit


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