The Countdown Has Begun

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Congratulations! You’ve crossed the finish line into the New Year! I hope it feels like a new beginning for you.

Irrespective of the outcomes of the last 365 days, whether your goals and expectations were unmet or exceeded, the dial of the calendar has restarted.

One second past midnight on December 31, 2015 the count down of your Best Year to date started. Thatʼs what I told myself and I am believing the same for you.

On New Yearʼs day I literally felt like an era was over and I had the opportunity to step into complete newness with no baggage, no fear, absolutely nothing harnessing me.

Nothing in my physical environment, circumstances, responsibilities or relationships changed. It was just a mental shift.

As I soaked it in, it dawned on me that a new year literally means that in time and space each of us have been given a new start. Yet it is up to us to embrace it! Each of us are also at the helm of our destiny and the choice is ours to own it! And each of us have the power to direct our world. So why not take charge and do something about it!

Perspective is what makes all the difference.

The underlying current here is that the power to create and rule your world in 2016 and beyond is within you!

Every action we take is a decision and every decision is a choice and every choice is made. The question is, who is making your choices for you and what will you do differently to make this your Best Year Ever?

Thatʼall for this week. Continue to check in with us every issue. As the year progresses, it is my hope that the articles in this space will continue to be resourceful and valuable to you in your journey. Let me know your thoughts and let us keep each other accountable to be our best selves and live our best life in 2016.


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