The Impactful Bishop



Loving. Faithful. Hopeful.  That’s who Bishop James Robinson is. He is a servant of God with a Doctorate in Philosophy and Behavioral Science and Biblical Psychology.  He was born in the rural area of Jamaica but migrated to Canada in 1987. He lives his life in a balanced way believing in the virtue and value of someone or something is more important than the quality. In other words, he strongly believes in the usefulness and worth of an individual or thing rather than their outward appearance.

With this in mind, Bishop Robinson has been determined to make a greater impact on his community since 2004 when he started his own ministry. He founded Faith Open Door Ministries located in the GTA. Some of the good deeds that he has done since his inception in the ministry are: helping immigrants with immigration matters, being an advocate for individuals with criminal issues and offering various charitable and outreach programs. In 2005, the Etobicoke-York area was a community that was filled with a lot of violence. It was said that most of the violence was from the individuals of West Indian background. However, Bishop Robinson could not stand the act of violence knowing that he could help to alleviate the discontent within the community. So, he worked with the former Members of Parliament and City Councilors of that vicinity such as Rob Ford and Susan Hall to restore peace and unity.

The great comedian Michael Jr. says that God uses people’s misfortunes in preparation for what God wants them to do in the future. During people’s hardships, they are practicing to do the work God has planned out for them. To explain this profound saying, Bishop Robinson had a speech disorder. It was so bad that he was called a “dummy” throughout his school years. It was seen as a “handicapped” and as a result, he was removed from his middle school. The school he attended suggested that he needed special schooling as it was difficult to comprehend his language. Unfortunately, his parents could not afford to send him to the recommended school to assist with his speech impediment.  As a result, he did not go to school and had no other choice but to stand by his mom’s side as his dad died when he was nine years old. He had an interest in reading and whenever he had the chance to read, the Bible was the first book of interest. He also started to read the Jamaican newspaper “The Star” to educate himself in reading comprehension. One fine day, he got an opportunity to return to school; he was the star of his classes. Today, he is the head of his Church, a Clinical Christian Therapist, a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counsellor and a Certified Psychotherapist. All of these professions require high communication skills both verbally and written. 

With attention to the Michael Jr.’s statement, Bishop practiced throughout his childhood to become an influential and a remarkable being.  His speech was put on hold for the greater plan that God has set out for him. Maybe if he had not had that speech disorder perhaps he wouldn’t be where he is today because of his commanding speaking style. The environment may not have been the appropriate one for him to shine communicatively.  Bishop is a man of God who demonstrates this profound question: What can I give to others? 

In 2015, he ran for Member of Parliament in York/South-Weston region for the political Conservative Party. By running for a political position, he would have more authority to re-enact certain principles. Bishop Robinson will run again in the 2019 elections.  His next big plan is to open an accredited Bible College where students can earn diplomas in Biblical studies and a Bachelor of Theology. 

Bishop’s life verse is “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut…” (Revelation 3 vs 8).


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