The Kazembe Foundation Sets Sail to a Brighter Future

Photo by: Alyssa Mahadeo


It was a gorgeous summer evening on Lake Ontario, when Mariposa Cruises Northern Spirit set sail playing host to some of the most esteemed and honoured individuals.

The Kazembe Foundation hosted their 2nd annual HOB NOB on Thursday, August 27th inviting guests to contribute to making a difference and helping to benefit youth in the community. Mr. Courtney Kazembe of Kazembe & Associates Barristers and Solicitors and founder of The Kazembe Foundation explained their mission is to create opportunity for people around the world, but focusing on people in the Caribbean and right here in Toronto. They started out a few years back giving out scholarships to those who were headed off to University or were intending on going to Law School. Last year alone they gave out thirteen scholarships and plan to expand further on a broader scale.

Mr. Kazembe believes, “If you are blessed, you have to pass it on. I can name many people who have contributed to myself and made me who I am today, my goal is to help others achieve the same.” Through this event and future events The Kazembe Foundation is hoping to raise the funds they need and create awareness within the community to inspire others to help the youth of today fulfill their greater purpose.

As a tennis player himself, Mr. Kazembe has a strong belief that sports are a great way to help focus the mind. He hopes that moving forward he can help to contribute to sports programs within high schools as he feels it will help children to apply themselves better to their studies and boost academic achievement at a young age. By inspiring students at a young age the goal is to encourage them to strive for bigger brighter futures, getting people off the streets and pushing them to complete an undergraduate education.

The evening was filled with dancing, socializing, networking and an all round good time. Guests were able to treat their taste buds with some of the most delectable foods catered by The Art of Catering and presented by Chef Selwyn Richards. Taping live aboard the Northern Spirit was The Nikki Clarke Show, a talk show featuring celebrity interviews, discussion of hot topics and live musical performances.

The show consisted of interviews with Mr. Courtney Kazembe, Jerrold Johnson, Chief Representative Officer for Jamaica National, Karen Williamson, M. Shakar Purai, Paul Walker of Harmony Healthcare, Andrea Haynes an Entrepreneur and a few other individuals who spoke about how they are helping to empower and contribute to the community. Entertainment included three classic soul songs performed by Nikki Clarke herself and music was provided by DJ RON JON and DJ Back and Forth.

For more information about The Kazembe Foundation and how you can get involved in their cause visit and look out for their next event!


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