Time? There’s No Such Thing

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I think that time does not exist. Now, this does not really mean anything, and if you are reading this, you’ll probably think that I am way too ‘kumbaya-ish’ to take serious, but here me out.

I think that time does not exist because every time I try to create, it seems as though it took forever…and then… “all of a sudden”…the creation happens. But, of course, I had to plan and build and talk and fail and fall down and all that other jazz. And, then, IT happens. That thing that I was creating, building, and forming grows and then time doesn’t exist.

Okay. Let me say this another way, and if you’re up for some serious thinking today, you’ll follow me. 😊

You know, those times when you have a tooth ache? A tooth ache is brutal, and it wears you down like crazy. And then, all of a sudden, you don’t even realize that you no longer feel pain. Maybe was it the medication? Was it prayer from your momma? Or was it just miraculously healed? But, you still can’t deny that time seems irrelevant when it comes to growth and/or change. It is for this reason that I stand by my thought that time really doesn’t exist.

Now, why am I even writing about time and whether or not it exists? I have been working on some projects that seem to have taken me so much time. It’s strange because people remind me so often of how ‘young’ I am, and how short of a time I have been in business. To me, it feels like FOREVER! So, what are the differences between feeling like something takes forever and saying that something hasn’t been too long?

I think the truth lies in that difference. I think that the only way that time exists is in the perception of our perspective.

Now that I have gotten to a place where time is a construct in my mind, I can tell you that it is really quite freeing to allow myself space not to hold any judgements or feelings towards time. I have not figured it out yet! But for the moments that I believe in it, I really feel much more peace.

This article is for the millennial, the stay-at-home-parent who is ready for change, or anyone who feels that they are not where they want to be. I really think that disengaging with the idea that time is real and relevant (outside of completing tasks on timelines and deadlines, of course) is a way to allow the toothache to transition without the stress.

I know. I know. Stress is necessary sometimes. It is. But, if you’re always thinking that you need to be somewhere other than where you are, you believe that you can control time…and that’s just silly.

What you have control over is your own thoughts (most of the time), so create, build, dream, cry, judge yourself and then come back to the centre.

Time doesn’t exist. You do, though. So what are you doing to do?


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