Time to Begin Your Personal Journey

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It is another week, another day and many of us have continued with our routines; day in and day out, we eat, sleep and work, not changing our patterns or our behaviours. Now, this is okay if your behaviour are working in your favour, but what about the behavior that is not. Great day to all readers and welcome back! What I have found out in my recent interactions with the community is that many of us truly have not taken the time to know ourselves. I am sure that I sound like a broken record, but this record will continue to play this until it resonates with the masses. Knowledge of self is the key component to having a full and productive life.

There is so much an individual can offer the world, but if they do not know what gifts are contained within them, how are they going to then cultivate and deliver. Have you questioned the creative gifts that you can offer the world through your talents, strengths, deeds or daily tasks? Have you learned about yourself from your defeats? How do you perceive these defeats? There are several questions that are worth asking oneself when beginning the road to self discovery; the problem is that many of us do not want to answer these questions. There is a fear that if these questions were answered, life as we currently know it would change. The idea of emancipation is scary because you have to actually shed the old self, which means being rid of behaviours that you are comfortable with.

I have always enjoyed studying people and their behaviour; I enjoy studying the way people think and process information. I am interested in people’s experiences and how these experiences continue to play out in their lives. Our minds are powerful and scientists have only begun to skim the surface of what we are truly capable of if we put our minds to it. One aspect is our habits. Whether good or bad, once a habit emerges, the brain stops participating in decision making; first we make our habits, and then our habits make us. We act unconsciously, not even realizing that many of our habits are detrimental to our mental health. How could we know? If the decision making process has been eliminated, then can we safely say that we have lost control of our own behaviour? Unfortunately, many of us have; it is for this reason that we need to take the time to learn as much about ourselves as possible; take the time to ask those questions that we have been afraid to answer.

The one question that I get the most is; how do we start this process Simone? This is an excellent question. The very first step that you have to take is to acknowledge the fact that you do not know yourself as well as you think you do. For those who have begun the journey of self-discovery, you have to be willing to admit that even though you have learned a lot about yourself so far, that you are dynamic and ever changing. You have to continue your pursuit of self-knowledge. This is a class that does not end; well at least not until death. We have the ability to procreate our reality with the questions that we ask ourselves and the statements that we repeat to ourselves daily. Our thoughts are the precursor to our actions and this is where we need to begin. I will help you prepare for your journey. Don’t worry Toronto, I plan to travel with you as far as I can. The journey is not for the weak or tame. Your journey of self discovery will challenge you in every way, it will push you past your comfort zone and demand answers from you for your actions.

Are you ready Toronto? Let’s get it done.


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