United Achievers Club Hosts Second Symposium for Parents of the African Canadian Community

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On April 9th 2016, the United Achievers Club began their Interactive Parent Symposium Workshops to help parents within the community realize their strengths and become empowering figures for their children. This series continued on Saturday June 11th  with the Parents Reaching Out Regional/Provincial Grant 2015-2016, where the focus was aimed towards the parents and the way they should tackle life, in order to serve as the ideal role models that their children can look up to. The symposium consisted of a number of guest speakers who inspired those in attendance that they can improve the quality of their lives with a blend of motivational speeches and presentation of techniques that helped create a better outlook on life.

The symposium’s first speaker, Noel Walrond, is the owner of My Dreams Work, a growth development company that is committed to helping people pursue their passion and take control of their mindset. He has helped many people go from financially in debt to financially successful. His presence was vital in helping the parents in attendance ensure that they contribute to their children’s success, thus proving that they can succeed when they pursue their passion. He wanted everyone to understand his proven three step system to success; which consisted of improving your mindset, creating the right mechanics to help facilitate your goals and finding the right mentorship to guide you towards achieving your goals. The second speaker was Rose Streete, an inspirational/motivational speaker who spoke of the way in which you could raise achievers out of your children and she took the time to answer queries any parents had for her.

Lucinda Sloley, the president of the United Achievers Club, hopes that this “application based program supports parents in identifying barriers to parent engagement, in support of student achievement and empowerment in role as community leaders and true partners in education of their children.”

Attendance for the event was modest. They are always looking for more people who want to be aware. This concludes the Parent Symposium Series, but the United Achievers Club is actively hosting events that benefit the community and you can always attend their meetings on the first Saturday of every month at 5PM, or contact them at 905-796-1916 for more information about how to get involved with the Club’s



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