What’s the key to getting and keeping the right people?


By Colleen Lindberg
August 27th Edition

Having and keeping the right people in our organizations are key to the development and growth of our companies. If we are constantly focused in replacing people instead of other key aspects of the business then we tend to lose focus and results are delayed. What about all the funds that you put out as an organization on training and time for new hires. Imagine if you could keep all that and use it towards client retention and generating more sales? Here are two key aspects on how to get and keep the right people in your organization.

First, people want to be part of something greater than themselves. They want to solve important problems that matter to their mother, father and friends. They want to have an impact in the world. Maybe it means that the product you are selling as an organization is meant to help people, maybe it means that you have a charity that you contribute funds to and play events for where your employees can get involved. It could mean that you support other business in the community, specialty programs etc. I run a program where we need volunteer mentors in the summer. Whatever it might be we are all looking to be a part of something greater than ourselves. If you don’t already have this in place, then why don’t you ask your team for their suggestions. How can you implement this into your culture, how can you expand on what you already have? So have a cause, don’t just be a product.

Secondly, create an environment where everyone contributes. We want to have an environment where the top talent can do the best work of their lives. Embracing other people’s differences, experience and talent will allow your employees to feel like they are actually contributing and being understood. What person doesn’t want to feel this way? Lean on your team for their opinions and outputs. Perhaps all of the ideas won’t necessarily apply but at least everyone will have a voice. Talk with your team to find out what they need in their job/career in order to be a top performer. Is it structure? Flexibility? Challenges? Help them to get this into their job so that they can also be a top performer and strive towards this for themselves. Of course, the company will be impacted in the end, but you also have employees that love what they do, are in it for the long haul and are feeling great about their careers. This will help to sustain the right people in your business.

With the amount of change that is happening these days with businesses, the economy, stability in the markets etc. we want to have great employees working for us, that we can rely on and keep. It will only make our businesses stronger and more profitable, all the while being able to help more people. Think about it and then try it, see what this does to your business.”


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