Who’s Hot in Florida?

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While Toronto was being hit with snow, I had the pleasure to be in Fort Myers Florida, with DJ Black Ent and Last King Visuals. While here in Florida, I was introduced to many artists. Fort Myers is a breeding ground for talent and now boasts the likes of artists like Plies and Bizzy Crooks who came from there. I would like to introduce you to some of the few artists I met, and had the chance to interview.

DJ Black Ent, who is no stranger to Toronto and has visited me a couple times. DJ Black Ent is a QC DJ (Quality Control Music) and has toured with the QC The Label and YRN Artists based out of Atlanta. He was introduced to YRN and brought on tour by Self Made Espy. DJ Black Ent is well known in the Fort Myers area and regularly DJ’s at the big events around Florida. @djblackent

Last King Visuals, photographer, videographer and the man that sets everything up. If you are looking for the link to book an artist or get an artist featured you talk to Last King Visuals (Shaq George on Facebook). Under his photography banner, Last King Visuals has shot pictures for artists like Kiara Mitch (Atlanta), 3400 Migo Gang (YRN Atlanta) to name a few, as well as shooting many artists in the Fort Myers area. If you are looking for great visuals hit up @lastkingvisuals

Akai Thomas, the R&B Crooner and the man with the Big personality. He has the most hilarious stories of things that have happened to him while performing and even after performing on stage. Akai is a Joker, with a soft voice that takes his craft seriously. After overcoming much in his life he puts his soul into each song, and allows the listener to step into his world, as he steps into yours. @akaithomas

Off da Wall, an artist with the crazy metaphors, and the deep southern accent. Off da Wall does his thing on every track. With a laid back personality, until a beat comes on, then he’s turn up turn up. All of a sudden he’s doing his thing. We had the chance to listen to some of his music at Studio 500 in Fort Myers, Florida. Working in his city, and making a name for himself, don’t be surprised when the internet starts talking more about Off da Wall. @iaintregular

King Tutt, the laid back, turn up king. Mixing fun lyrics with intelligence. King Tutt got his start in music through the church and being on the Drum Line. If you listen to his lyrics you realize this a genius behind the mic and then when you listen to the music, you can’t help but move. I got the chance to hear some of the new music King Tutt was working on and was impressed. I look forward to seeing this young man shine. @tutt_montana

Doelo, the artist, producer, engineer and all around talented man. While soft spoken, Doelo is a power house of knowledge and skills which he utilizes to propel his career forward while helping younger artists as they work towards attaining the next level. @doelo_doelo

Yung Phantom, the founder of Public Life Entertainment, is the King of style, known for his fashion. Yung Phantom is a Mentor to a lot of younger artists in Fort Myers Florida. A truly humble powerhouse assembling a creative team. He says that he is more about the fashion and the music just comes to him naturally. @ypyungphantom

Toak Suave, the man of energy. When you meet Toak Suave you can’t help but  feel like you have known him forever. He has a drive like no other and is destined for greatness with his catchy lyrics and music that gets you feeling good. @toak_suave
Fort Myers, the pleasure was all mine.


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