Working Out Morning or Evening

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Exercise is crucial for weight loss. Dieting alone will not help you to lose weight. Many centuries ago people were involved in a lot of manual labor just to survive and were able to stay fit. However these days most of us sit in front of computers for very long hours or no longer engage in physical work.  Generally in your teens and early twenties it seems to be easier to maintain a healthy weight. However, once you cross that mark weight gain slowly starts to occur, especially in the tummy area.

In order to stay fit you need exercise. Exercise is the best way to keep obesity, cardio vascular disease, high blood pressure and other lifestyle related disorders under control. Exercise does not necessarily mean going to a gym everyday and lifting weights. If you don’t have the time for a regular work out in a gym you can exercise at home. No matter where you exercise you must do it regularly to get the best results. Getting started is the easy part, it is sticking to a regular exercise routine that is difficult. This is what makes most people give up and go back to bad habits.

Most people start a workout program all excited. They buy track suits, workout outfits, running shoes and a whole lot of other gear. Their first day of exercise is so exciting but then as the days go on, they get bored and lose motivation.  This can be because they find it difficult to meet both personal and professional demands and they just burn out and stop working out all together.

Most people tend to choose to workout in the evening, but find that they are too exhausted in the evenings after a long day of work. This is because they are either physically or mentally drained. So it may be best to set aside some time for exercise in the morning. In the morning our bodies are rejuvenated after a full night sleep and we usually have more energy. Exercise pumps more blood through the body and after exercise we usually have even more energy and are ready to take on the day.

That way we can plan the whole day without worrying about trying to fit exercise in at the end of the day. So figure out what you like to do and just do it.  Whether its yoga, walking, running or whatever else you choose.  If you’re just starting out make it easy on yourself and keep things simple.  That means doing an activity that doesn’t require a lot of gear but still gets your heart pumping. So in the morning wake up half an hour earlier, put on your workout gear and get started.


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